Mountains Hide Away

Monday, June 26, 2017

Today was another day to just rest and relax. And I have just taking it slow and easy again today. Around 10:00AM I just wasn't into sitting around the camper. I grabbed my camera and water and drove into the park. It was a clear and sunny day with some wind. I thought the clear skies might allow a view on the mountain Denali and I wasn't wrong. I stopped in a coup[le of places took pictures. I continued on Savage River. Again for those that might not know. Savage River is as far as one can drive a private vihcle into the park. There are exceptions like having a camp permit for one camp site in the park and once you are camped, cannot drive, you have to remain parked, the fall lottery, or having a speical permit, like a photography permit. I turned around and started back towrds to park entrance. I didn't get far because out in the river bed, I saw a sinlge caribou and took some pictures. I then came to a river bed with a pull out. I parked and ended up getting up and sitting on the  truck bed cover and just sat and looked out and the mountain Denali. I was the only one there most of the two hours I sat there. I also watched for wildlife and listend to the different birds. The wind really started to blow and put a chill in the air. I decided I would get back to camp, stopping to fill up the truck for the drive down to Anchorage in the morning. On the way out I had a chance to see a moose walking up the road twords where I was sitting. It moved off to the right and disappeared in the woods. It was a great idea to drive into the park and let free will dictate what would happen. I stopped and filled up the truck and bought some drinks for the drive tomorrow. I know I am coming back in a couple of weeks but is still hard to leave tomorrow. At the camper I tried to write this entry but did a nap instead with windows open and letting the mountain breeze flow through the trailer. I had a good nap with a deep sleep. Going to work on this further and work on a video to go with the enrty. I have enjoyed just staying put the last two days and just living Denali. <Big Smile>

Friday, June 9, 2017

I am back from a day that almost wasn't. When we arrived on the Katmai coast it is was so socked in with low clouds and fog the plot/guide almost turned us around twice. Than oh thank goodness every time(3 times) the pilot started to climb there was a break in the clouds and we were able to find the river we were going to land on. We landed with no trouble. it was raining pretty good. I put on another layer of clothing before I exited the plane. We were not on the beach bearly 5 minutes and a bear came out onto the river bank. The guide just had to laugh at the four us busy to care the bear was coming right up to us. We just kept taking pictures. This was only the start of what for me had to be the best day of bear photography of my entire life. In this one day, I was able to photograph and video everything I dreamed of driving up to Alaska and is why I rushed up here. I will continue later as I have reservations for more deep fried halibut and need to get going. Just a small sample of what is to come through out the evening and night....

I want to be sure to comment on a contributing factor to today being such a fabulous photo/video day. The group I was in was very quiet. there is a video of two bears wrestling and two trumpeter swans flying from left to right as they did, could clearly hear their sounds. Seeing the bears wrestling and hearing the swans in the back ground was something awesome to hear and see. While I am commenting on that, there were several times we could here the sound of jaw popping. : ) I'll get the video added to my website tomorrow. I am just to tired and still in awe tonight, that I was so lucky and blessed to have experience my time with such wondrous and beautiful creatures.

Hi checking in from a FABULOUS day over at Katmai NPP. Today was my best day ever photographing the bears of Katmai NPP. It was a day I have only ever dreamed of. And to think, it was almost a day that wasn't. The low clouds and fog made it very difficult to see anything. A couple of times the pilot/guide turned around. Just as he was about to, the visibility improved enough to keep going, We landed and we disembarked the plane into a steady rain. While the pilot was tying up the plane the 3 of us tourist were taking pictures of a bear as it was walking right up to us, He had to intervene to let the bear know not to come any closer. LOL

Monday, June 5, 2017

Hi. I spent the day working on updating my Alaska 2017 Travel Journal. I was happy with the progress I was able to make considering I was distracted, wondering if I would be flying out for bear viewing tomorrow. I also ran some errands. Getting cash, grocery shopping and checking with a restaurant to see if what I over heard was correct about cooking caught fish to desired liking. I found out it was true and made a reservation. I was going to have some of the halibut, I caught on Saturday, cooked at the restaurant to my desire. Since it has been cool and I have been running the heater a lot more and cooking two salmon dinners on the stove, I took my propane tank to be filled. I came back and worked some more on my journal when I heard the grounds keeper cutting the grass with a weed eater. I’m glad I was watching because he ended up cutting my drinking water supply hose and tried to cover it up with a rock. I confronted him about and he told me he would fix it. The camp manager had seen the hose spraying water and and came over to look at it. I explained what had happened and he promised me, he would have a new hose to me before the end of the day. Good thing I had a spare. I had a spare thinking how clumsy I can be at times and I would ruin it. Well, they brought me a new hose that was only 10 feet in lenght. Needless to say, I was less then pleased. As I was about to start getting ready to go to the restaurant, I received a call from the bear viewing company. They told me it had been decided that they would take the 3 of us, out bear viewing the next day. I was very excited to receive the news I had been waiting all day for. I thought about the drinking water hose while eating dinner and thought why should I have to settle for less when it wasn’t my fault. I ended up having my halibut deep fried in beer batter, Boy oh boy, was it good and not at all greasy. After dinner I talked to the RV park manager and expressed, I came in with two good 25 foot drinking water hoses and by no fault of my own, should I have to settle for less. He agreed and said he would do more about it the next day. I ended the day having a couple of beers while getting my backpack filled with everything I needed or might need for bear viewing the next day. I also checked my cameras to make sure batteries where charged. I felt I had everything ready and went to bed. I am well and feeling good.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

I think I am the only one that can actually feel pumped resting and relaxing. So far, and it is 1:10PM AKDT, I have cleaned up, did all laundry and cleaned and better organizing my camper. I can actually take down the sign hanging on my door, "Disaster Area, Keep a Safe Distance" and now entertain. LOL As it has turned out, I have picked a good day for a down day. It is 53 degrees and drizzly out. Tomorrow will be another down day. Tuesday looks like I'll be going bear viewing again. I hope so, I want to. Wednesday looks like I'll move to Denali NPP. We'll see. Stay tuned. I am feeling well and I hope all are the same.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wow Oh WOW!!!! What an absolutely beautiful day. I had a day that was more than could be asked for. The weather was great, the scenery breath taking and I saw brown bears. I have just added a couple of pictures of todays bear viewing in Katmai NPP.  Again, my hats off and my highest recommendation for Bald Mountain Air Services for bear viewing from Homer, Alaska. This was my 12th time out bear viewing with them since 2012. And as before, today was no exception. Seeing the number of bears we saw was breath taking.

Thursday , May 25, 2017

This was the day that I would pickup my Camper trailer and start driving towards Alaska. To say I was nervous would be and understatement. I had never towed anything before as the driver and for a first time Camper trailer owner, I kept feeling as ifI would make a bone head move and damage my trailer before I even got out of town. If I did get out of town and make it to Wyoming and then Montana, would the high winds get me? I had watched a youtube video of a trailer being blown over and that had planted the seed in my mind. It was good because I hadn't even given wind a thought.

Well I picked up my new camper and started to drive south to a toll road to take me north of town and avoid traffic. I made the right choice because there was hardly any traffic. The trailer was heavier than I thought it would be. I made it to the interstate that would take me north. I was surprised that a thunderstorm was already building and it was only mid morning. The winds were something else and made me pull over to the side. I knew I couldn't sit there long and since there was a gap in traffic I proceeded down the road. I didn't get very far as the wind was gusting. I made it to the Longmont exit and decided to fill up. That was great timing because as I drover up to the gas pump and under the cover it began to hail. So right off, I had experienced traffic, high wind, rain and hail. Oh great, I was feeling I had made a very big and expensive mistake.  By the time I finished filling up the truck, the storm had passed for the most part. I maneuvered back onto the highway and I didn't kill anyone or destroy my new camper. I made it out of Colorado and into Wyoming. I knew I wasn't going to get the gas milage I had been getting, but I didn't expect to only get one third of what I was use to getting. I was starting to get a tiny bit use to towing and my thought turned to where would I stop the first night. The night before I had thought I would stop in Casper Wyoming, Then I thought with the good time I was making, I would stop in Sheridan Wyoming. I made it to Sheridan and kept on driving. I ended up driving all the way to Great Falls, Montana and stayed at the Walmart. I was so tired I just went to bed. End of day 1

Friday, May 26, 2017

Woke up today in the Walmart parking lot in Great Falls, Montana. It was kind of strange waking up and already being at the store to get things. LOL As soon as I had the shopping done, I checked over my rig and started driving north. Today I would cross over from the USA to Canada. I wasn't sure what to expect and but was prepared the best I could be to  be searched travel alone and all. I was asked only a few questions and was allowed to proceed without being searched, I was happy cos pretty much my camper was a mess.LOL When I started I had only figured to only go to Red Deer, Alberta, Canada but when I made it to Red Deer and it was just to early to stop so I continued. I almost stopped due to being tired of driving in the wind. It sure is different when you are towing and camper trailer. But, I decided to keep on going, knowing I would eventually get out of the wind. And too, it would put me that much closer to where I ultimately wanted to be, in Alaska. I then figured depending on how long it would take me to get through Edmonton, I would just stop in Whitecourt, Alberta. Well, as I was driving up to Edmonton I kept hearing about a bad motorcycle accident. I thought it was in Red Deer, but nope The short cut I decided to take drove me right into the tail end of the traffic jam. Great!!! Way to go!! Laughing out Loud. it really didn't take me very long to get through and I was on my way to the highway that would lead me west and to my turn off to start going NW. I made it Whitecourt in good time and as in previous years, I stopped. I stopped at the In Town Camp Site. I had a nice spot kinda of away from others which ended up being really neat. As I was sitting at the table like I am now writing this, I had a visitor. I deer came out of the wooded area next to me and walked along side of my camper. I thought that was so great. I hadn't expected to see wildlife until the next day. And with that, 2 came to an end.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Today has been a good day. I drove from Whitecourt, Alberta to Fort Nelson, BC. It was such a relaxing drive today. I had one tenth the traffic I had had the last two days and it was so great. I was so very fortunate when I reached Dawson Creek, BC as the picture below shows, I was able to pull truck and camper trailer near the sign to get a couple of quick pictures. I spent time in Fort Saint John to fill up gas cans. I also went to a Walmart and a Canadian Tire to try and find a lug wrench to fit the trailer lugs since my four way wouldn’t fit. Well after I bought sockets and they didn’t fit, it occurred to me, the cap probably needs to be removed. Duh Me. To bad a friend from long ago wasn’t there as I could see and hear his comments now.LOL Speaking of Duh things, This morning when I was driving away from Whitecourt, I heard the DJ on the radio tell a joke that made me laugh. Did you hear two antennas got married? Yeah the wedding was awful but the Reception was great! LOL The highlight of the day occurred almost to Fort Nelson, BC. A truck from Minnesota passed me like I was parked. A few minutes later I saw the truck and then a dust cloud. I slowed down thinking I knew what would make someone stop so abruptly, I slowed way down and tried to creep up and a black bear start to bolt when She saw me approaching. Well the attacked picture says it all. The cubs are yearlings. How kewl was that. To me it was fabulous. I did see another bear but I saw it to late to try and stop. Darn it all anyway. No worries. I should see more bears tomorrow. I did have a bit of a disappointment thought. I bought I 2/12 ton floor jack. I figured it would be easier to use then those tiny little jacket included. I came across a truck pulled over and saw a tired leaning against the back bumper. I stopped and asked if all was okay or if he need help. The fellow explained he wasn’t being able to get the jack to work. I told him I’ll be right back. I came back with my floor jack and the guy smiled. Unfortunately, His truck was to heavy. What a disappointment. In thinking about it, the jack had to be raised just to get flush on the Axel. Oh well, When I get to Tok, Alaska. I plan to try and take a couple of days to chill and relax, Try to get thing in the trailer a tad more organized. I am going to try and use the jack and see if it works on my truck. Anyway, I was able to help the fellow anyway by letting him use my phone to call his son. I was shocked I had one bar and the call went through. While waiting for his son to arrive I waited with him and he told me about the place I am parked tonight. I had a great dinner at Boston Pizza. Mmmm Mmmm good. Now I am sitting here drinking a beer I bought last night but was just to tired to drink. LOL All is good. I am well and feeling energized. Peace.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

It has been a long drive from Fort Nelson, B.C. to Haines Junction. I just couldn't stop. Today was filled with ups and downs. I saw 12 black bears, 1 moose, big horn sheep, 3 rams and 6 ewes(female sheep), bison and then tonight driving from Whitehorse, Yukon, right next to the road, was a herd of wild horses with 3 new born colts. The downer of the day was at Watson Lake and the sign forest. I added moms license plate to the sign forest, next the boardwalk. On the plate was her name and the number of times she had traveled the Alaska Highway with her son and my name is on it, too. I hope I did the right thing. Well that is it for now. I'll do more when I arrive in Tok, Alaska. I am going to spend a couple of days there to decompress from the long drive.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Walked out the door this morning and had a most beautiful view of the mountains. I had spend a few minutes to  enjoy the view. I filled up the truck with gas and I was on my way to my stopping point for the day, Tok, Alaska. I felt I had made the correct move not stopping at Whitehorse because I didn't have any traffic all the way to Tok. The only wildlife I saw, was Dall Sheep as I was coming around Kluane Lake. The road was rougher than I remebered and I wasn't even to the rough sections. I don’t remeber if it was as bad last August or just isn't as bad in a car/truck. When I thought I had made it through the worst of it, I cam accross some road construction and had a make shift detour made of rocks. The were digging deep to put in a colvert, so we had drive down and then back up. I was nervous and worried that it would be to much and the trailer would come unhitched. I eventually made it to Beaver Creek, I saw a sign last gas for 186 KM, I thought it was a gemick to get travelers to buy gas there and kept on driving. When I made it to the boarder, no one was there, I was able to get turned around and pull right next to the Welcome to Alaska sign. I was able to get a couple of pictures of my truck and trailer next to the sign. I had made it to Alaska and I couldn't have been more thrilled. I drove up to USA customs and was surprised there was no line. Again, I was thinking driving through Whitehorse got me ahead of a lot of traffic. I made it through customs only needing to answer a couple of questions. I was surprised I wasn't searched and more. I was asked, where I was going and I answered Alaska. Well Duh! LOL I should have been more specific. It wasn't long and I had found out the sign in Beaver Creek was legit, as the Border City gas station I was going to fill up at was closed. I was surprised. A few miles down the road I saw a gas station but I thought I could make it to Tok and if I couldn't I had gas in back I could use. I was wrong. I had the low fuel light come on. I stopped to put in the gas I had been carrying since Fort Saint John B.C, at the rest area right before Tok. I made it into Tok and filled up, had lunch at Fast Eddies Restaurant. I had known since I woke up that morning that is where I would eat. I recomend the club sandwinch. After I was done, I made my way over to the RV Park I knew I was going to stop at. I set up camp and ended up going back to Fast Eddies for seconds. LOL I returned to camp and enjoyed the rest of the evening before calling it a day.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

For the last two hours I have been very upset with myself for locking my keys in the truck. When I calmed down it occurred to me, I placed an extra set of keys in my backpack pocket. The backpack was in the camper. Thank goodness I only had the screen door closed.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I been busy this morning. I broke down camp to move to another park I remembered when I was here with my cousin in 2009. I have also booked a bear viewing tour for tomorrow. YES!!! Then for the next day I have booked a combo halibut salmon fishing trip. I wonder if I do catch any fish how to make it last and I will cook it. I am eating at Boardwalk fish and chips on the Homer Spit as type this. I hope all is good where you are at. I am well and feeling good.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hello. I hope all are well and things are good. :) I am updating from Homer, Alaska. I wanted to let it be known I am scheduled to fly out to Katmai National Park and Preserve in the morning(6/2/2017). It looks like the tour will take, last checked, the 5 of us to either Swikshak Bay or Hallo Bay. I personally am hoping for Hallo Bay. But it doesn't matter as long as I get pictures and video of Brown Bears. If I am not to tired, I'll share tomorrow night. Saturday, I am going fishing for salmon half the day and then halibut the other half of the day. My drive from Tok to Homer, AK yesterday was sparse as far as it came to wildlife. I only saw a moose and a bald eagle. The rest of the day was only scenery *nudge* LOL Below are a couple of pictures from yesterday. Sorry there are not more pictures of wildlife, but I hope these pictures I have included below are enjoyed all the same. :) I hope to make up for it tomorrow night. :) I hope to get pics of bores, sows and cubs tomorrow. Stay tuned

Saturday, June 3, 2017

It was a great day on the water today. I am beat. I am so very tired. I am going to bed very soon but wanted to share the catch of the day and I had freshly caught king salmon for dinner tonight, Mmmm it was delicious. Other than being tired I am well and feeling good. Tomorrow is a day of R&R and maybe maybe some laundry. lol Peace all.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Today was a surprisingly agonizing day for me. I was going to go out to Katmai NPP for some more bear viewing. Just as I was ready to walk out the door, my phone rang. I instantly felt ill. It was the company I was going out with calling to inform me due to weather and high winds, the trip was canceled. I had a feeling due to being woke up with the high winds shaking my camper. I explained I understood completely. I'm glad through the years of this happening, I was able to take it in stride. The hard part came knowing I am due to check by noon today, and there wouldn't be another chance to do any bear viewing until tomorrow, Thursday, So my dilemma, that I wrestled with all day was do I accept it and move on up to Denali or stay put for 3 more days. I couldn't understand why I was having such a difficult time deciding because I enjoy being at Denali. Finally after a 2 hour nap and then pacing the beach for 45 minutes, it occurred to me, I wasn't ready to give up on seeing Brown Bears. So, I checked with the bear viewing office and then the RV park office, and I have booked 3 more nights, moving to a cheaper site. And update from yesterday and the drinking water hose. I went up to the RV office to see if there was hot chocolate for sale. I was informed the only other size drinking water hose they could get other then the 10 foot was a 50 foot hose. I wasn't interested due to the length and it could be cumbersome to use. I went to a different RV park and checked to see if they had a hose and then did. So more proof of a saying I live by, "If you want it done right, do it yourself." I thought all had be settled, but the groundsman that took my damaged hose brought it back last night. I explained, I had taken care of it myself. Thus the end of the damaged drinking water hose saga. LOL Right now as I write this it looks like I am going to be in Homer for another week. LOL After I had made my decision, it occurred to me, there are more than one bear viewing company. My loyalty to BMAS, I guess. If I didn't have to move from one spot to another today, I would have looked into trying to go out today for some bear viewing. As I was on the beach, guess what I saw? If you follow and watch Deadliest Catch, it might give you a clue. I saw the F/V Cape Caution going by and was able to get pictures. I wish my zoom would have been stronger so I could have zoomed into the wheel house, to see who was at the helm. My hopes was Wild Bill. But if it was Zach, that would have been cool too. LOL K, take care all, I hope you all are well and things are good.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wow, What another great day here in Alaska. I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep knowing what was in store for today. I was going to moving from one RV space to another that wouldn't cost as much. I had decided I was here in Homer for the duration. I was determined to stay in Homer, until I could make it over to Katmai for 3 more days of bear viewing and photography. I know I shouldn't be this way considering I was going to get 5 days of bear viewing at Brooks River in only 23 more days(wow I just had the realization that is only 3 weeks away). The thing is with me, there are dozens and dozens of bear photos of the bears of Brooks River and I am not to be excluded. I have hundreds of pictures and hours of video of the bears of Brooks River. What really excites me is to get pictures of bears not frequently seen. If one views my Alaska 2012, 2013 and 2014 trips and the bear videos I have, one can see why. Anyway, to get back on track, I was going to move to another space. And believe it or not, I picked up my camper May 25 and drove it all the way to Alaska, over 3,000 miles and not once did I have to back it up. Today was going to be a first. Whoa! I was nervous anxious and excited all at once. I knew I could do it. I just had to be patient with myself. Well right off, I was having trouble getting the truck in line with the trailer tongue. I finally got it lined up and in position as a guy came over, who had been watching, to off his assistance. I thanked him and we both shared a laugh swapping stories. I got hitched up and was ready to move to my new space that I was going to have to back my camper into. Well, I am happy to report that after only 30 or 45 minutes I got it done. And done without doing any damage to my camper or other things. I am positive I had someone laughing as I struggled. Heck I was laughing. I unhitched, lowered the stabilizers and I was set for almost dry camping.  I say almost dry camping because I am still hooked up to electricity with no water or sewage. My water tank is full my grey and dark water tanks empty. I hope my propane tank has enough to last a couple of days because it is my hopes I'll be bear viewing to be able to fill it. I did all of this today floating on cloud nine due to a friend informing me, pictures I had taken 6/2 was of a bear that is in a bear study. I thought that was so cool because I have pictures and video of two bear from 6/23/16. So, once I had camp set up. I hurried into town and Safeway to get more supplies. I came back put things away and got myself cleaned up. As I was putting things away I received a phone call, I was informed the pilot/guide was going to fly tomorrow. Excellent, I was going bear viewing tomorrow. Well, I hope so, the weather and wind might have something to say about that.My fingers are crossed they smiling and in a good mood to allow flying in the morning. I spent the rest of this afternoon creating a video(below) of the bears I had photographed in the study. I finished the video and I have  published it below. I informed the friend who had informed me of what I had captured and have spent the evening chatting with other bear fans. All in all it has been a great and fabulous day.

A special thanks goes out to LOVETHECAMS. Thank you! Without you being observant this would have gone by the way side.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I have had another awesome day today. We, the pilot me and two others made it over to Katmai NPP this morning. There was no wind and though it was cloudy all day we had no rain until the end of the day. Nothing of consequence. The bears were out. We had two young sows moving close to us until a boar showed up and started chasing them to mate, and they move away. We moved locations and we were able to watch a sow with two two year olds. It was a good day and then were times I had five bears in frame. On our way back to the plane we saw a bear laying down in front of us and we moved up and around as not to displace the bear. We succeed, The bear was actually laying next to a log and had the front paws up and resting its head. The bear watched us taking pictures and couldn't have cared less. So very kewl to see and experience. I thought the thrills were over when we arrived back in Homer. Boy was I wrong. While I was at Captain Pattie's Fish House I look up and towards the lobby, Standing there waiting to be seated was one of the guides from, "The Great Bear Stake Out," I thought it was but to be sure I goggled the show and sure enough it was him. I stepped out of character and walked over to their table and introduced myself. We talked for a few minutes. For me to meet one of the guides from the show and talk was a big thrill for me. I don't feel comfortable saying his name, But, he was one of the older guides with grey hair and initials are BW. Needless to say it was a great day. the pictures below are all from today. : ) I hope they are enjoyed.

Everything worked out well today and I was able to go bear viewing. It was another great day. Saw lots of bears and I was able to get some great pictures and video. I hope to have them on my website soon. I'm eating at Captain Pattie's. Having some of king salmon, caught on 6/3, grilled. It was delicious. I hope all are well and things are good.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello all. I hope you all have had a good day. And, you and yours are well. My day started real early at 5:30AM due to noise. I took advantage of being up early to get normal Sunday chores done. You know laundry, grocery shopping and washing the truck. I was getting tired of looking at the layers of dirt and bugs on it. I also bought things I wanted, to make some more modifications to my camper, which I am happy to say I completed with no trouble. I also put a second layer of caulking around the area I think the sink was leaking. I tried to sit down and do some video editing and decide where to go next. I was yawning so much, I decide to lay down and try to get a nap. I was able to nap for just about 1 hour. After, I was able to get my wits about me, I started to check the weather up at Denali and surrounding areas. I wasn't really able to get into it, twice I was in the process of making camping reservations and stopped. I found myself in the same situation I was in last Tuesday. I just wasn't ready to leave Homer yet because I wanted to do one more bear viewing trip. I went for a walk and ended up at the bear viewing office to see if there was room for one more, sure enough, there is on Tuesday. I walked back to the RV park, I am staying at, and checked into extending my stay again, by 2 nights. LOL Doesn't this all sound similar to last Tuesday? LOL  So, I have extended my stay in Homer and on Tuesday, I am going bear viewing again. : ) After my plans were settled I started dinner. I was going to cook in again and cook some of the halibut I found I still had. Mmmm dinner was good. Now and for the rest of the evening I am going to continue to work on getting current with my travel journal. I hope to edit some video as well. I am going to take a half dose of a sleeping aid. I would love to be able to sleep for a straight 8, 9, 10 hours. LOL Tomorrow, as of now is going to be a low key day. I am well and feeling good.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hello all. I hope you all have had a good day. Mine has been interesting to say the least. It has been a day of fixes. It started this morning when I was ready to edit video and I received a system memory error. I then before any failure backed up my hard disk, incase this one is about to fail. Then while editing video realized I hadn't added some video editing add ons to this laptop. Spent hours trying to figure a way to download and recover activation codes because they are at home on my desktop. LOL Then this evening when I started to cook some salmon I caught a week ago, I discovered water in my cooking pans, my sink was leaking. It took me awhile to figure out where it was coming from, I think I found it and have started to fix it. I have to wait 24 hours till the caulk dries to test. Dinner was good. LOL I then accepted the video isn't produced up to my high standards and added it to my web page anyway.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello all. I hope you all have had a good day. And, you and yours are well. My day has been pretty good and I was able to get just about nine hours of sleep last night. All that I had thought about doing today from last night, I have done. I started my day slowly by having fruit for breakfast. I then got into old clothes to hook my trailer up and take it over to the dump station and then over to fill the water tank. I then attempted to back my trailer back into its spot. It took me a few attempts again and I will admit there was some frustration, too. But I was able to get it backed in without causing damage to my camper or the camp site and hooked electricity up.LOL I then went to the grocery store to get things for my venture up north and to Denali National Park. I really didn't want to stop in Anchorage with my trailer and thus the reason I bought things now. I got some vegetables and instant potatoes. I also bought more fresh fruit and bagels. I bought a toaster, I had bought bagels to snack while bear viewing, I really wanted a toasted bagel. Once all my chores that I wanted to get done today was completed, I took extra time taking a nice hot shower. For most of the morning the temperature was only 48 degrees. I then had two toasted bagels for lunch. After lunch, I started working out the logistics of parking my truck and trailer while I am over at Brooks Camp at the end of the month. I was successful in finding a place so I canceled my hotel reservation. When I made it back in February, I thought I was going to be flying up to Anchorage. I have a day of bear viewing tomorrow and then I am ready to get to Denali and spend some time there before flying over to Brooks Camp for 5 days. I have been entertaining the idea, now that I have been in Homer for 14 days, or will. I am thinking I have now lived in Homer, Alaska, at the roads end. LOL I have made reservations at Captain Pattie’s Fish House tonight, to have the last of the halibut, I still have, deep fried like a few nights ago. I will then get things ready for bear viewing tomorrow. I just woke up from a nap before going to dinner. Since I still have a few minutes, I called my first choice in RV parks at Denali, and they have room for me for 7 nights, so I made a reservation. All in all it has been a good productive day and after tomorrow, I’ll be ready to move on. It has been fun being in Homer. I’ve talked to a lot of people all over the world, I am so glad I have been able to experience it all. Oh, and to meet one of the guides from, “The Great Bear Stakeout,” has been a great thrill and a highlight. I am well and feeling good. FYI, tomorrows Journal Entry might be late. : )


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Today would be my fourth and final trip over to Katmai bear viewing for now. I was excited for the day for two reasons. One, I was going bear viewing out to be with the bears for more bear viewing. Second, I was excited because by days end of the next day, Wednesday, I was going to be at Denali National Park. The weather was good. I continued to get ready and was set to go to where I would board the plane. We all board and we were on our way. Just like the other day, it wasn't very long at all before we saw a bear. It was on the hill side on the other side of the river we landed on. We saw a second bear walking in the direction we had just come from. It seemed like it was on a mission walking with urgency. The next bears we would see, would be a sow(female) with 2 spring cubs. The cubs were fun to watch being both shy and curious. We then came across the bears we had seen the previous days. They were doing the same things. Eating and playing. There were also more bears that had not been seen the previous days. They were big and walked with purpose. One had a strange walk and we couldn't be sure if the leg was newly injured or happened before and was very interesting to watch go about eating and trying to get close to the females. We then coming towards us from our right was a sow and two yearlings, might have been older due to their size, There were so many bears and I just couldn’t believe it, Just like I had seen on bear documentaries and thought how fun it would be to experience first hand. I have watched. Another experience could be checked off my list of wanting to do. Our guide wanted to see if he could get us close to where  a wolf den had been seen. We packed up and started to make our way there when we were stopped because of a bear walking towards us and at first didn’t look like was going to stop, IT did and ended up making a wide circle around us. I was a great chance to get some up close pictures.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It has been a long day. It started by having a dream about mom that had me in a frantic/panic. I was checking to make sure she was alright when I woke up. It seemed so real and life like, I have been upset about it all day. I thought about heading for home but getting out and filling my propane tank helped. I ended up stopping in Anchorage to buy bedding stuff to make the bed more comfortable. I hope that helps me feel more comfortable. Anyway, I am safe and sound at the Denali Park service area. I hope you and yours are well and you have had a good day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

It is morning here so excuse me, Good Morning all, I hope you and yours are well and life is good. I hope each of you has a great day.

A quick update. Ha Ha. We shall see. Last night I cooked chicken breasts and mashed potatoes, apple for dinner. I then tore off all the old of the bed and threw it all away. Assembled new bed and went better and fast than I thought. After all the chores for the night were done, took in an extra hot shower. Sat down here to read about what happened in VA. I was shocked driving through Anchorage and hear about it. Trying to read only lasted a second as I looked at my window and saw the sunshine at 11:08PM reflecting off the mountain tops and only thought for a second. I grabbed my camera, a pepsi and went for a drive on the Denali Park Road to Savage River. it was only 28 miles round trip and I was gone for 1 hour and a half. Watched from a far snowshoe hares eating on the road. Also saw moose eating off bushes in a river bank. I sat out at Savage River and did some reflection. It was a surprisingly warm 33 degrees. LOL When I returned back to my Camper(btw, have I mentioned, I sure do like my camper) I was very relaxed, I laid down and slept till after 7:00AM this morning. Feels good to have been able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. :) After I eat, I am off to the Wilderness Access Center to buy a shuttle ticket for this afternoon and see if any camping at the place I want to stay is available next week. I sure do hope so. Anyway, I am sure I have gone on enough. I am well and feeling good.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Wow. I just do not know what to say about today. It was just one of those days you are so grateful to be alive and able to experience life. As I had expressed from my last post this afternoon, I was on my way over to the Wilderness Access Center. For those who do not know. No personal cars are allowed past the 14 mile mark or what is called Savage River. And, if one wants to go further into the park it can be done one of four ways during the summer. One is to walk, the other is to bicycle, a shuttle bus or a tour bus. If bus, I would strongly recommend the shuttle bus. There was no line for the bus I was going to be on so I picked up my ticket for tomorrow, Saturdays bus. I then picked up some fruit. I made my way out the the boarding area and I was first in line. There was only 11 of us going out on the two o’clock Eielson. Very kewl, I was psyched because I knew there would be plenty of room to move back and fourth, side to side of the bus. We all boarded the bus and we were on our way. It looked like we would have a cloudy and rainy 8 hours bus trip. Boy would we be wrong. We would end up seeing just about, what one would hope to see. We saw, dall sheep, bear, wolf, caribou, arctic ground squirrel, moose and we also saw the mountain, Mount Denali. We had sunshine, clouds and rain. I am tired and is all I am going to say for now. I want to get this up on my travel journal and let the pictures do the rest of the talking for me. :) As always, I hope you and your are well and safe and life is good. I am well and feeling really good.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hi all, I'm back from another afternoon/evening into Denali National Park. It was a great day.  :) I am feeling good and all is well, I am safe and sound in my camper. Took time to walk a bit from the Teklanika Rest area to the Teklanika camp ground area. It was a great walk as I saw caribou on the river bed and caribou, bear and wolf tracks along side the road.

Hi, Just a short note as I am waiting to leave to take another bus into Denali NPP. Yesterday was a good day but I was extremely tired. We did see Dall Sheep. Grizzly Bears with cubs, Caribou and Moose. There was an abundance of Arctic Ground Squirrels and Snowshoe hares. I was very happy to see my first Willow Ptarmigan. She looked very big as in prego, and as I had been suspecting, why I hadn't been seeing any. They are roosting. :) I did see a very colorful pair of ducks. Some people on the bus knew the name but I am not remembering right now. I am well and feeling more rested.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hello, I am back from a umm, a Hmmmm, I am not sure how to describe the 9 hours in Denali NPP. lol J/K It was a very great day as the pictures below will demonstrate. I saw so many bears on the two bus I was on today, I lost count. I spent over an hour today at the Eielson Visitor Center and I enjoyed it so much. : )

At the Polychrome overlook I was rocked. I was volunteering taking pictures of couples and I was moving to get the snow covered mountains in the background, when I backed right into a rock, sat down and then fell back. Imagine seeing one tipping over in a chair leaning back. LOL I was and am fine. Embarrassed but okay, I told the couple they have a great story to go with the picture of them together. The bus driver said, I rocked, LOL

It was interesting to watch a sow while digging after a squirrel, snap at a cub and then to watch moments later, her cubs being sure to kep up, to her be so attentive with her cubs while nursing. Life flows from one moment to another with no anomisity, no grudges. Life just continues.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hi all today has been kind of an off day. I think I was tried more than anything. I went into the park and enjoyed my time but something was off. Several times I almost asked the driver to flag down a bus going back to the park entrance, for me to get on. But I stayed on the bus I was on and completed the day. I think part of the reason not being able to really enjoy the ride like other days was the amount of chatter and it went on the entire bus ride. To get away from it, I put in my ear buds and listened to classic rock and roll of the 60s and 70s. It was nice. The other reason, was mom was on my mind a lot. I miss the times we would ride into the park, trying to point out the animals to her to see. I would most times play back the animals I would video record and play back for her. We saw dall sheep resting and seemed to me enjoying the day and views. It wasn't much longer and we saw a moose not far from the kill site from last week. I found it interesting to see a moose there. As I watched I observed how it was cautiously moving along. I think it either sensed something had happened or there was wolves or bears near by. We then came across a sow with two yearlings eating on grasses and other vegetation. We sat there and watched for a few minutes. I enjoyed being able to watch them, and, as always they had little concern we were there. We then spotted a sow with two spring cubs they were fun to watch as always, interested in something and falling behind and then running as fast as they could to catch up with mom. We then, of in the distance spotted another sow with two yearlings laying down and resting. We saw caribou and mored all sheep. As the bust approached the park entrance, the skies were so very dark and ominous looking. We drove right into and it was raining hard and there was even some pea size hail. I was prepared and put on my rain coat that still as of this writing keeps me warm and dry. I made my way back to my camper and would discover what I had a desire to catch a bus back to the park entrance. Before leaving my camper I rushed to get a shower. In my rush I didn’t close the bathroom vent. When I open the bathroom door I saw a little puddle. I looked up and realize what I had done. UHG!!!! Cursing myself out up side one wall and down the other as I sipped everything up. I disassembled the vent area and dried that out as well. reassembled and that was that. I then had dinner to cook and it was already 11:30PM. I had taken out salmon to cook and thought I didn’t want to spoil it so cooked it up. I am glad I did as it hit the spot. I washed dishes and cleaned up. I sat down to try and right this but was just so very tired and thought rest would be better because I knew had to be done the next day.

I hope all are well the life is good. I am well and feeling good.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I woke up feeling rested having taking some sleeping aid medicine. It didn't long of laying there before I got up out of bed and started getting the long list of chores done. The first was to get the trailer hooked up so I could tow it over to the dump station. I had wanted to get this done because I knew the hardest part would getting the trailer backed up into my camp site. I went about getting things done such as stabilizers up wheel blocks from behind tires. As I tried to move one it was a bit difficult but I got done. I should have knew right then something was a miss. I found out what while I was unlocking the hitch lock. The camper started to roll back, I was able to get it stopped and the tires blocked. But the trailer jack came off the wood blocks and sunk into the wet dirt, a good 4 inches. I finished removing the tongue lock and put it away. I didn't panic because I knew exactly what I would do. You know that floor jack, I bought for flat tires, that was useless when I stoped just outside Fort Nelson in B.C to help the guy who had a flat tire? Yep. I got it out from the back of the truck, used the wood I use for the trailer stabilizers and jacked the trailer up until I could get a couple of 2 by 6 pieces of wood under it. I was somewhat proud at how I didn't  get upset and panic. I put things away and continued the business and hitching the trailer to the truck. I pulled up and then removed my tire blocks. It'll be interesting if I ever make that mistake again. Time will tell I guess. I made my way over and was able to dump the tanks with no problem. The part I was dreading the most was about to take place. Backing the trailer back into my camp site. It was a bit easier but did take some backing up go forward back up to get it in. The worse part of the day was now over. It would be all down hill from here. I went to the office to pay for additional days and to make reservations when I come back in July. I found out where I could get my propane tank filled and proceeded to do so. I had to driver north 10 miles up to the town of Healy, AK. I am glad I stopped at the first place I saw. Because, the first think I saw when I entered the store was blue berry bagels. I suddenly knew what I was having for breakfast. I also bought regular bagels and sandwich meat and some Alaska potato chips. I knew what I was going to have for lunch on today's bus ride. I made my way back the 10 miles to camp and hooked the propane tank up and put groceries away. I then gathered and did laundry. While the clothes were washing I cam back to the camper and toasted a blueberry bagel. MmmmmMmmmm good. I finished the laundry and all the days chores were done. I had a few minutes to relax before getting my bus ride lunch ready. I prepared a bagel with turkey and ham. I also poured out some chips. I had bought Tupperware and store the bagel in one and the chips in another.  Again as the day before I was starting to run out of time before I had to leave and catch the bus. I took a very brief shower, not even opening the vent today. I made my way over to the WAC and boarded, The day was pretty much the same as the day before most of the animals seen were a fair distance away. My highlight of the day came when we picked up backpackers at Igloo camp area. I had overheard as they were boarding they were with the Park Service. I had a chance to talk to them after for over one hour. It was a thrill for me to be able to talk to them about happenings(past and present) in the park as well as other National Parks. I felt they were impressed with my knowledge and how I have been to just about every National Park, Alaska has to offer. I was able to confirm a suspicion I was having about a recent wildlife incident. I am going to write about that as a blog entry very very soon. We arrived back to the pickup point. I thanked the park official for talking to me and we all went our separate ways. I came back to the camper very excited, I was able to talk about my passion for wildlife, scenery and National Parks with someone who also had a passion. I ate become very sleepy and went to bed. All in all it had been a very productive and happy day.

I am well and feeling good. I hope you and yours are well and lifer is not only good but great. : ) Peace!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I ventured into the park again today. The weather was warm and sunny. I knew the bus would be full and it was. It was a good day of scenery and wildlife. The people on the bus really weren't all that friendly and  they pretty muched stuck to themselves and were not all that interested in talking to anyone outside their groups. At two different stops I offered to take group pictures and all declined. I  couldn't help but to feel, the odd man out. I spent most of the day listening to music on my cell phone and my thoughts were filled with mom. When I arrived back at my camper, I was pretty muched bummed out. Tomorrow would be another day.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wow oh wow what a day of wildlife viewing. The pictures will show. I am feeling so much better than I did at this time last night. There were a lot of good folks on the bus ride today. I really enjoyed talking to one fellow and daughter from Texas. We had a very interesting and entertaining conversation. And the animals we saw was again more than I deserved to be a part of, again my cup runith over kinda feeling. I am so blessed to be able to witness and enjoy such sites. We saw a moose and caribou before we even passed the Savage River check point. We then saw dall sheep, kind of high and far away. And then not far from the dall sheep a moose was spotted just down and not far from the dall sheep. It was so interesting to witness. After thinking about it for a while, I couldn't help but wonder if the moose might have been newly run off from its mother and was seeking out the sheep for company.  A wolf was seen and it was walking right towards the bus I was on. The bus driver drove up next to a gal that was riding a bike. Another thought, after having seen a wolf not more than five minutes later, was the moose seeking safety? It was so very cool to witness. I have a shot of booth dall sheep and moose in the same frame, it is a fair distance away. We then came across a sow with two yearlings, resting not far from the road. I am including pictures. We would see caribou, dall sheep and more bears. At the Eielson Visitor Center just before we left a sow with two spring cubs became visible. It was again another spectacular day in Denali National Park. I really enjoyed the day which I am so grateful for. When I thought the day was over and was time to be alone, which I really didn't want, at the restaurant I walked to was the same gentlemen and his daughter from the bus ride. I was invited to join them for dinner. It was very enjoyable and so glad I didn’t have to eat alone. : ) I hope today's pictures are enjoyed as much as I enjoyed taking them. : ) And as always, I hope you and yours are well and the day was good.

Friday, June 23, 2017

I'll come back to do, in the next day or so. LOL

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Today was a good day. It started early. Last night I noticed my right turn signal wasn't working in front or rear. It turned out the rear right side was out. I was surprised the town 10 miles away had a auto parts store, I drover up there and found the bulbs I needed, I returned to the camper and changed the blubs. I then went for a walk, and ended up buying some T shirts. I then cam back and prepared my food for the bus ride. I have finally figured out making and taking sandwinchs and chips was cheaper. LOL I made my way to the bus and was shocked when we boarded. There was only 10 of us on a buss that can carry 44. The weather was cloudy and areas of rain. We first saw dall sheep in the area they had been seen before.It was neat to watch a few follow one into and dead end. LOL We left before there was a chance to see what happend. A very large grizzly bear was seen but moved out of sight before the bus was able to stop. But the lazy easy going with a purpose walk, made me feel it was a male. We saw caribou up high all pretty much laying on some of the isloated pockets of snow. It was getting late and we getting closer to the park entrance. I was starting to lose hope of being able to get any bear video and pictures. Then the last possible place bears could realisticaly be seen was seen. First one, then a second and then a third. It was a family group. Saying it was excellent would be an understatement. We were able to sit ther and watch this fmaily for some 10 minutes, I was able to record just over 6 minutes. I am so happy with the way I recorded it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Today was a day to just relax and rest and enjoy a day in my camper. I still do like it a lot. But the day started in a panic after I was going through my wallet looking for something and it dawning on me my credit card wasn't there. I thought at first I left it at where I bought my pizza last night. But realized I payed cash. I then thought maybe I left it up at the auto parts store when I paid for the light bulbs, but no, I had it when I used to pay for gas. I thought great, I forgot to take it out of the gas pump. I then checked my receipts and accessed my account online, I was happy to see to out of this world gas charges. I was able to narrow down my credit card to the place I was last at, a gift store when I went in only to get cash using my debit card but saw a t-shirt I wanted and bought. I walked over and informed I left my card here, I took some looking and in the last and final drawer it could have been, it was there. Trip could have ended right there, if they didn't have it. I came back to the camper and retrieved the trash to drop off on my way to the store to buy some OJ. I came back and took a nap. I think I slept for about 1 hour and a half. I have worked on a blog entry and an accompanying video. I also did a lot of cleaning. I walked over to the Grizzly Bar and Grill at the Denali Princess Lodge to order a salad there that is so good. I had a beer while I waited. I came back ate and then did dishes. The rest of the day will be just taking it easy and enjoying the evening. I am still not sure if I will ride into the park tomorrow. I should since there will be some down time while in Anchorage waiting to fly out to King Salmon and onto Brooks Camp next Friday.  I hope all reading are well and life is good.

This evening was good weather wise and went for a drive on the park road to Savage River. I am glad I did and it was warm enough to have the windows down. I enjoyed listen to the birds as I drove along. When I reached were I would be able to see the mountain Denali. I took a couple of pictures. I looked to my right and there was a moose just standing there. After I passed, it lazily walked out onto the road and to the other side. It was kewl to see through rear view mirror. I would see another moose with two calfs seeming to be as relaxed as can be, eating away. And then, another moose not far from the others. There was traffic and just watched the moose as I drove by. All in all it was a nice, enjoying drive.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Today, I drove down to Anchorage from Denali. It was a good uneventful drive. It was a cloudy day and I had no views of the mountain(Denali) and I didn't see any wildlife. I was kinda surprised there wasn't more traffic. I picked good times to drive through the congested areas of Wasilla and Anchorage. I was able to get my camper parked and enjoyed visiting with my host that is allowing me to park my camper while I am over at Brooks Camp. Tomorrow, I hope to get truck serviced and pick up some supplies.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Not much happening today. Took the truck over to a chevy dealer to have the oil changed, tires rotated and brakes checked. Afterwards, I stopped at Walmart to pickup some supplies. Came back to the camper and since nothing was going on, laid down and had a good nap. Didn't do much else worth commenting on. Tomorrow will be spent getting things packed to fly over to Brooks Camp. I hope you and yours are well and life is good. : )

Here I am sitting in Anchorage, Alaska and I have been busy today getting things ready for after my trip to Brooks camp. I am going to try and go to Seward when I return. I am really hoping to be able to slip into a spot at Water Front Lodging. It's a first come first server kinda place. It's going to be right around the 4th of July. So my chances are slim to none. LOL Anyway, I am not count down days to arriving at Brooks Camp. Nope! I am now counting down the hours. LOL and I figure i'll be there in about 36 hours I am so happy, I am really getting anxious. I want to be there already. I have been doing some walks and been spending the last few days doing nothing and trying to rest as much as I can. I remember how much walking is invloved from the lodge area to the Falls and the Riffles viewing Plat forms. And, the first day is a long day. Anchorage to King Salmon to Brooks CampI have spent the evening tonight packing and loading up my computer mini with things for being at Brooks Camp. I'm thinking from June 30th to late July 2, I'll have no internet. But might be more like late July 4th when I return to Anchorage. I have seen so much already. I am, sharing some picture, highlights of my first month in Alaska 2017.  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Today I just rested and relaxed. Trying to get a little more excited about going to Brooks Camp tomorrow. It has been difficult not seeing any bears on the exlpore.org web cams. I have been entertaining thoughts of being out there and no bears. What would I do to pass my time.  I also packed and repacked, trying to make sure both bags I am planing on taking is under 50 pounds and they are. Went out for dinner with my host and his friend. We went to Red Robin and had a good meal. I was fast enough to pay the tab. I wanted to do something to repay the kindness that had been extended my way. I returned to the camper and went to sleep. All in all it had been a good day. And all in all I was able to accomplish all I had wanted to while having time in Anchorage. I am really happy I was able to get the truck checked and serviced. I am stocked back up with quick meals of dehydrated food. I really like the noodles and chicken.

Here I am sitting in Anchorage, Alaska and I have been busy today getting things ready for after my trip to Brooks camp. I am going to try and go to Seward when I return. I am really hoping to be able to slip into a spot at Water Front Lodging. It's a first come first server kinda place. It's going to be right around the 4th of July. So my chances are slim to none. LOL Anyway, I am not count down days to arriving at Brooks Camp. Nope! I am now counting down the hours. LOL and I figure i'll be there in about 36 hours. I have spent the evening tonight packing and loading up my computer mini with things for being at Brooks Camp. I'm thinking from June 30th to late July 2, I'll have no internet. But might be more like late July 4th when I return to Anchorage. I have seen so much already. I hope it isn't minded, I am sharing more memorable moments/picture, highlights of my first month in Alaska 2017.

Journal Entries for May & June