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Alaska Trip 2010

Videos and Slide Shows

Alaska 2010 Picture slide show

Highlights of trip to Alaska, 2010.

Video of flight to, over and around Mount McKinley Late June 2010

Whale watching and more from Juneau area, September, 2010.

A day spent at Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park and Preserve, July, 2010

Another sequence of pictures taken while I thought video cam was broken.

Video of Brown Bears, I was able to get while visiting Katmai National Park, Alaska, July 2010. My time there and seeing the bears, I don't know when I have ever felt so alive. On the return flight, I thought to myself, "this is a place I have to return to." Sooner than later. Added 10/10/2010.

This video is from Ketchikan, Alaska, September 15, 2010. What a difference a year made. In 2009 there was nothing but rain. In 2010 we were lucky enough to have sunshine. The place the bear footage was taken is next to a Salmon hatchery. The two bears featured had been together all summer. I found it interesting how the two bears were close as you will see by viewing the video.

The pictures in the slideshow were taken afternoon, July 21, 2010. I was unable to capture on video because at the time I thought all the rain the cam had been exposed to, it shorted something out. I would discover a couple of days later all that was wrong is the exposure had changed from automatic to manual.

This video is some of my favorite video of bears seen and I was able to get capture on video, June and July 2010, in Alaska. Added 9/3/2010

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