Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - To Homer

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 11:32 PM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you heart are well and life is good!. I am well and feeling great. I didn’t expect to due to the fact, I was going to drive 400 something miles today. It was a good drive and I enjoyed it. There was a lot more driving in traffic, then I had been use to. I made it through most of Anchorage in good time. I decided to take the last exit and look to fill up, memories of Casper, Wy, still fresh, still today. It worked out as there was a turn about and I was able to make a u turn and into the gas station, that had diesel fuel. It was a tight fight and I think I raised some eye brows when I was able to maneuver truck and camper in tight quarters. I made it back onto the Seward Highway and I was off for the final leg of the day. The final leg started off great. I and another following me, giving me space, were the only ones going south. That was until a car pulled out at the last moment. I was able to stop enough that made me feel good. But darn those thinking a truck towing something can stop one a dime. Eventually, I was able to shed traffic only to get more. The worse, was a double tanker suddenly appeared in front of me. It was slow going for a long while. /When there was space enough, the truck did pull off and I was as well as 15 other vehicles to pass. Being able to go the speed limit didn’t last long. The first car of many pulled out in front of me and went slow. Ugh!! This continued all the way to Homer. Needless to say I was in a foul mood setting up camp this evening.LOL With things set to my liking it was off for dinner and BEER. LOL I have also secured a place to watch the Hall of Fame Game tomorrow. My team is playing. You know? The Broncos. I am back at my camper writing about today. I took a break to take a minute and enjoy the moments. I looked out my camper window and watched a Bald Eagle fly, left to right and land on a tree branch. I have been distracted from finishing this entry because I have a good view(see picture below) I have. It ranks 2nd highest of the views I have had. Well, that is all for today. Take care.