Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Homer Day 4

Sunday, August 4, 2019 10:32 PM

Hi, I just finished another day out at Brooks today. It was great as always but it is a bit different because I am not sleeping like I normally do on the way back. I am to excited right now. I was able to get some great shots today. I able to get to the falls 15 minutes faster today and I was able to get to my favorite spot in the corner. It took me a couple of minutes to get settled and to start taking pictures and video. I was able to get a  lot of one bear catching fish with it’s mouth. The falls platform reached capacity and I had to leave. Even from the other platform I was able to get the bear catching a fish. I barely had to wait before it was my turn again. It didn’t take me long to slither my way into my favorite spot. I just had so much fun today. I am excited to get back to the camper and start to share. I hope what happened last night, doesn’t happen tonight and just to tired. I am feeling better today at this time. I mean, I am writing in the plane on the way back to Homer. Yesterday I was napping. And I still cannot get enough being with bears. I might get a chance to go back tomorrow. I will go if they go back to Brooks.