Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Going Home

Monday, August 19, 2019 11:23 PM

WOW!!!! What a past 5 days. I was thinking about going home. Just for grins, checked weather forecasts. I saw snowflakes for yesterday and today on the route I would go. Nope! Not towing a camper. Kinda like a sign I saw as I was exiting British Columba, Canada, today. It was a speeding sign, it said, "How much you willing to lose." Anyway. I took off the next morning, driving 10 hours. The thing I didn't think about when i made reservation, the time change, it was going to be 1 hour later. Oh shoot. I was so fortunate to have little traffic and fairly good roads, and I made it. Friday was all about stopping at Watson Lake, YK and the sign forrest to see if I could find the sign I put up in memory of my mom. It just blew me away, two years later, I walked right to it. WHOA!!!!!! I took a pic of me with the sign. I was walking away and decided to walk back. I gave the sign a kiss like a kiss on your mom's cheek. I felt so great. I went then drove back the 22 KM, to where I was going to stay the night and rest. I went down the Stewart-Cassier Highway(37) in one day. oh yeah, i need to mention I have been in a daily rain since last Monday, lots of getting wet and have a ball. LOL Yesterday, I stopped early so I could make adjustments in sway bar and was able to get it done very quickly. Right now as I write this i am in extreme southern Alberta Canada, having driven 93 down from Jasper, AL to Banff and east to Calgary. Just the south side of the icefields was a large turn out and no one was there. I stopped and had an instant oatmeal brunch.<BEG> It was so kewl. I need to say. Banff is not friend to those towing a camper. Very tight to get in and out of gas stations. Anyway...I'm not done. Tomorrow in the the lower 48 and YS for a day. I wanted more but 2 nights RVing is all I could find/get...I'm feeling great and I hope you are too.