Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Almost Home

Thursday, August 22, 2019 4:18 PM

I am so glad I fought my way through demons and fears and went to Alaska this summer...Do you know I almost turned back a half day away from Alaska? Words from a stranger encouraged me to go on...I owe that stranger a bunch...

The best parts were seeing bears and camping at telanika camp ground five nights, Denali National Park, somewhat unplugged. My only source of electricity was my generator. There was no cell service and definitely no internet. I loved being there for 5 nights, it was so easy. Next year I want to go for 8 nights. I am so over joyed with the bear photos and video I was able to capture...I met so many good people tho I bet they were thinking shut up already....ROFLMAO

Rushing down the Alaska Highway like I did due to snow warnings, was a blast. I stepped out of my comfort zone, driving a harder road, to tow a camper, and loved every moment of it. I have to say it again, the town of Banff is not trailer friendly, everything is so compact and tight fits, if at all possible with gas. I would wait to the next town.

The truck ran great and besides two minor issues and fixes to the trailer, I fixed myself, the trailer exceeded expectations. I was pretty pleased with my engineering to come up with fixes. One was fixed with gorilla tape and the other fix was with the use of a C-clamp purchased in Healy, Alaska, I found at a hardware store. Both are still being used today.

I used the truckers lanes at truck stops twice to fill up on diesel exhaust fluid.

Depending on the weather I'll be home by the middle of next week.

I am starting to think about being home...