Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - To Denali

Monday, July 15, 2019 9:03 PM

Hello, I hope you and those close to you are well and life if good. I am doing fine. The day started pretty early. I had to get up for a minute and when I laid back down it started to rain, not much at first but then it started to rain more and more. I laid there thinking of ways to keep the top of the slide out dry enough to bring in. Eventually, I gave up and got up to begin the long day. I prepared breakfast with the idea I would eat on the way. Well it started to rain even harder and I ended up eating breakfast in the camper. It stopped after a few minutes and I was able to start to break camp. First thing while it wasn’t raining was to get the slide out brought in. I was able to do so and I wiped the top just for good measures. The rest would be easy and it was, I did get a little wet but not bad. I was on my way by 7:30 this morning. Not to bad have been up late last night working with pictures and video. I felt pretty good. That was until I had to stop and do business. When I got into the camper, the vent cover was open, great. So much for a worry free drive. Every chance I had I made sure it was closed. Through the day I was afraid I’d lose the entire cover and the back of the camper would be drenched. I had tried to replace knobs yesterday with no success. It had to be something else that is stripped or slipping. It would be the first thing I would do when settled at where I would be staying tonight.  The drive wasn’t actually to bad going through Anchorage. I timed it perfect between rush hour and the day people getting out and about. I was in Wasilla and through faster than I have ever driven through Wasilla. There was no road construction to speak of. I turned off to fill up the truck for the rest of the drive. Not many places and the one place there is has outrageous prices. I did come across some construction and had to wait for a pilot car. I jumped at the opportunity to check the vent cover and do business. The cover didn’t raise up as much as previously. And I was able to take long to do business as I began to hear cars pass. It will be out turn and I didn’t want to delay others. I was in such a hurry, I forgot to put in the hand rail. I still had a moment to run around secure it and run back just as the camper infant of me pulled away. Traffic was a backed up due to one car speeding up and then slowing way down. Eventually cars passed and it was my turn to go around. Lucky me, it turned off.LOL Traffic loosened up after that and was a nice drive. I had to stop at this parking pull out to finish business. I was happy to see the vent cover had stayed down and things were dry inside It would still have to be addressed soon than later. I made it the RV park I will be staying out until just before I move inside the park. I am happy that being in the Denali area has me feeling good. I was very happy it took me no time at all to get backed into the spot assigned to me. I setup camp and began to work on the vent. What happened is part of the gear box cover had worked loose and is why I couldn’t get a tight seal. When I discovered that I used a pair of vise grips to hold it in place and it worked, I was able to get a tight seal. I couldn’t keep it like that because the grips prevented the screen from attaching properly. I thought of using the paper clip like things I have but they were to small. I wondered if I could find an office supply like store. I was down to a 1/4 tank left so I stopped to fill up. As it turned out where I stopped had a grocery store and hardware store side by side. How fortunate to have both stores I wanted side by side. I found a small C clamp to try. I bought pop and broccoli. I went back to camp anxious to try the C clamp. I hoped it would be small enough to place without interfering with the fan or screen. It worked and should be a good fix until I return home and able to replace the entire assembly. With that repaired it was time to turn my attention to eating. I had thought about Prospectors and pizza but not sure how much I would drink, I ate in. I had halibut, rice and broccoli. It wasn’t to bad and energized me that in short sleeve shirt and shorts, I grabbed cameras and drove into Denali to Savage river. I was able to see the north peak of Denali and 2 caribou. I also saw several Snowshoe hares. It feels good to be back at Denali. Well that is all for now. I am trying to decide what time I want to take a shuttle bus into the park. I am also trying to decide where to go. All the way out to Eilson or just to Toklat. I guess it will depend on which is the least crowded. Take care…