Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Kenia Fjords National Park Tour

Saturday, July 13, 2019 10:32 PM

Hi all I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am doing well. I am out on the water again today. So far a Bald Eagle, Sea otter and Humpback whale has been seen. It is a cloudy day with a drenching mist. So far it appears the day is going to be a day to ride around and look at a bunch of water and clouds. It appears the day on the water in Valdez has spoiled me. The skipper of this vessel leaves a lot be desired. Rushed by Stellar sea lions while sitting at gulls. It is sad to think the skip is giving the passengers a treat. It is so obvious the skip could care less and going through the motions. I am strongly considering going back to Valdez and another trip on the Lu-lu Belle. I will have to call and see what may be available. I am back at my camper now. The rest of the day wasn't all mist. There were times it was just cloudy. Just as we arrived at the Holgate glacier a large column came down. I didn't have a camera ready but I was able to watch and enjoy it come down. On the way back from Holgate glacier we went out onto the open water of the North Pacific. The skipper heard there were Fin whales not far from us. We were able to see them mostly by their spouts. There was one time they came close and gave us an idea just how big they are. I think I was able to get a shot, I will have to see. I am sitting here trying to type and having a hard time. I'm acting as if I am still on the water. Today wasn't as fun as yesterday. There really wasn't anyone to talk to. They stayed in their own groups. On the way back to the camper I stopped at a grocery store to buy some fruit and other things. I bought Clorox to use to sanitize the fresh water tank. Day after tomorrow, I move up to Denali. Well that is all for now.