Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Departing Valdez AK

Sunday, June 30, 2019 8:01 PM

Hi, I hope you and those closest to your heart are well and in good health and life is great. 

I am doing and feeling great. On my third beer and I dont know why? Just kidding, about not knowing why. Today, wasn’t very exciting at all compared to yesterday. I wrote yesterdays blog entry while I ate my daily dose of fruits, protein and water. I the began breaking camp to get on down the road. Today was a four hour drive nothing compared to other days driving. I made it to the summit of Thompson Pass easy enough. I planned acordingly to have a healthy delay on this side of Thompson Pass due to construction. Once stopped and out of the truck, I asked a couple ahead of me if they wanted a picture with the hanging glacier as the background. They took me up on my offer and they liked the pictures I took of the two of them. That in its self made the day. Seeing the smiles on their faces. It was from there to Grand View Cafe and RV Park the truck ran hot and seemed to struggle. It was when I stopped to fill up the truck, That I knew why. I had been driving in to a pretty stiff head wind, DUH me.LOL It was only another 30 minutes from there to where I am going to be for the next two nights. I made it checked in and proceeded to get settled. Once settled and water bottles filled I came to the cafe to eat and drinl some Alaskan White beers. I had a great tasting swiss mushroom burger with lettuce and tomato. It was good. The fries were not bad either. Another reason to love Alaska. I can get plain old fashion french fries, unseasoned. I am sitting in the cafe now writing this. I am working on a video I hope to upload tonight. We shall see if the interent connection can handle it. That is about it. I hope you take care and I will see you tomorrow. I am including some pictures from yesterday. I hope you enjoy...