Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali To Taklanika Campground

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 9:31 PM

Hi, I hope you and those close are well and life is good. Today was so kewl. The moment I decided to get up and stop trying to sleep. There has been nothing but excitement. Today I get to drive out 15 miles than most who visit Denali. Do you have a favorite place? A place when you leave you wonder if you’ll ever make it back? Is how I have been feeling since leaving this campground just under two years ago. I walked about and saw so many unused campsites. When I left and tried to get more days, they said they were full. I was bewildered and so disappointed. I am so glad to be back to this campground. To me it is the ultimate place to dry camp. I so enjoyed the drive out, I was able to go at my own pace and not hold anyone up. Not at one point was there anyone behind me. There was a bus in front of me. I stayed far behind because the dirt road is so dry there is a lot of dust. I used the new GoPro, sand it captured the entire drive. I am so thrilled it turn out so good. When I reached the camp ground and found a spot to set up. A pull through. Yes, I took the east way. I had camp set up with the truck just right to be able to run the generator during allowed hours. I was entertaining thoughts of trying to catch a bus farther into the park. It is so neat to say that. I am 29 miles in on the Denali park road. But, I fixed two sandwiches and ate out side sitting in the rocking chair, I have been cursing bringing. It is heavy for a folding chair. I tried to write after I ate, but was sleepy and laid down for a nap. I was woken by the sound of generators turning on.  I then sat out side for a bit but the noise made me go for a walk. I returned being hungry. I was going to cook halibut and noddles and I did. I started my generator to share It was good. After I cleaned up after eating. I sat outside for awhile before going to a Ranger talk on Wolverines. It was interesting and learned some new things. 

After that, I cam back to the camper and relaxed. I am writing about today now at 10:28PM AKDT, as it is raining. I need to get some sleep because I am ticketed for a 12 hour bus ride.