Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Teklanika Day 4

Saturday, July 27, 2019 2:03 AM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am doing great all things considered. This is my last full day here at the Teklanika River Campground. This morning started as soon as it was permitted to run generators. I desperately need to charge batteries and I only had two hours to do it, from 8:00am to 10:00am. I was able to get all camera batteries charged and even the laptop. Once things were being charged, I had breakfast.  After that I decided to get a hid start on getting things packed to leave in the morning. Packed the generator away and everything else, I wouldn’t it anymore due to going out at 3 this afternoon and getting back at 9pm. Generators are only allow to be ran in the afternoon between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. I would return too late to use mine. It saves me time in the morning. I am not going to leave till the absolute last minute.  It was a great bus ride. there was 10 of us. It was a mellow ride with seven bears seen, one large bull moose, caribou, dall sheep. I was happy with the video I was able to get today. When we arrived at the Eielson Visitor Center, I sat there eating the sandwich and chips. I watched a caribou walking in the distance. Every so often, it would look directly at me and then go back to grazing. I would look around to see if anyone else noticed, it didn’t appear so. It was a private moment of eating and watching a caribou living life. Life, live it. It is so true that being in the wilderness rejuvenates the heart, the soul. It was a relaxing ride back to camp on the bus. I was just enjoying the sights before me and watching for animals. I wished all the best with their travels and made my way back to camp. I transferred all pictures and video to storage devices. I thought it would be a mellow evening not doing much of anything. Well, the wilderness was calling and I could not ignore it. I set out for a walk around the camp ground. I didn’t get far and came back to the camper. I needed to retrieve my GoPro and capture my walk out to the Teklanika River. I decided, I was going to let fear win and prevent me from walking the river. I was the only one out there and it was 10:00PM. Believe me, I paid close attention at all times of my surroundings. I felt comfortable by the river and let the GoPro just capture video and the sound of the water and wind blowing through the trees. I Turned the GoPro on me to share some of the emotions I was experiencing. Stayed tuned. I am now back at the camper writing about today. 

It has been so great to have had the privilege to be able to stay here, I knew at the time, when I found 5 consecutive nights that it would be. I am feeling good as well as proud being able to make it through this camping trip, 5 nights, being self reliant. There is no doubt, I want to do this again.