Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Teklanika Day 2

Thursday, July 25, 2019 11:05 PM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am doing great. This is my 3rd day out at the Teklanika campground. Today, I went out to the bus stop to take a bus into the park. The first bus I rode on was on the finder bump. I wasn’t comfortable at all with that. I got of and tried a different bus. Same thing. So I, waited for a 3rd bus and success. It was on the wrong side of the bus the left side, but I was happy to have a window seat as the bus was full. It wasn’t long after that the couple sitting across the isle from me got off for a day of hiking. I just needed to play it cool and hope no one else got on the bust before the Eielson Visitor Center. On the way out we saw a bull moose and later we saw a cow moose. Pretty cool to see both sexes in a short amount of distance. We would see dall sheep. We would also see lots of caribou and the bus wanted to stop and take pictures no matter how close or how far they were. We also had a pleasant surprise as we approached the top of stoney overlook. We saw the summits of both north peak which is lower than the south peak, I was taken back at how close and how high the mountain looked. Due to constant wind from the south and heavy rains, the atmosphere was so crystal clear. Im truly was in awe for the great one known as Denali. When we reached the Eielson Vistor Center I was shocked at all the people. Lots and lots of people. I went to use the bathroom and fill up both water bottles and made my way back onto the bus and relax. I changed seats to the other side like I hoped to. We left and I was busy looking for the one animal I haven’t seen and that was bear. At one of the rest stops on the way back, I heard bus drivers talking about not seeing any bears. It was one of those days for being no bears. I didn’t despair and got bust looking for another bus to ride back into the park. The rest of the way we didn’t see one bear.  I made my way back to my camper to relax and look for a bus I could still have time to eat and rest as I had a headache. I decided I had more than enough time to eat and take a little nap before riding back into the park that left the bus stop at 6:10PM. This was also during the time generators could be used. I started mine to charge batteries. I had a skillet breakfast and then laid down for 20. I turned off the generator and put everything away. I walked from the far corner of the camp area to the bus stop thinking about bears. I didn’t get far and realized I forgot my GoPro. I walked back and retrieved it and again was walking. This time I stayed on the road of the camp area to the bus stop. I was happy at how energetic I was feeling. After all, I had already be on a crowded bus for 6 hours and I am going to get and ride another bus for another 4 hours, LOL Well, it was a good ride and there was the bus driver, me and a couple for 4 people on the bus. We would first see a coyote and of course more caribou. We did see dall sheep at the Toklat rest stop and our turn around. Two bus drivers going back to the park entrance, said, there were bears. We looked and looked and looked and could spot a single bear the entire bus ride. I could see caribou easy enough but I just couldn’t spot a bear, I decided I would get back to my normal schedule and ride the 2:00PM bus tomorrow and the next day.  We made it back to the camp area not having seen one bear all day long. I asked the bus driver when he return back to the bus area, to talk to be powers that be, to ask for the bears to be let out.LOL  On the way back to camp I was able to walk and talk with the campgrounds camp hosts. It was a pleasant walk being with others. Once back in the camper, I unloaded all the pictures on to my laptop and then went to bed. Things of note. I am surprised how much propane is being used. I’ll have to fill up my tank again when I get back to services. I am also surprised how much water I have used, I started out with as full as I dare tow a loaded down camper. You figure. A full 33 gallons of water weighing 8.34 pounds or something close to that, loaded the camper down with an additional 275 pounds. I am suppose to only have 406 pounds of cargo. I am showing only a third left. So low on propane and low on water. Food and drinking water is fine.