Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Teklanika Day 1

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 9:04 PM

I was able to get up early enough to ride on the bus that goes out to mile sign 96 end of the road. There was some heavy rain over night. When I looked outside, I saw puddles. I am glad to have thought to put a towel down where I get a leak. I was disappointed the bowl was wet. I thought for sure I had things resolved. Back to the drawing board. I walked out to the bus stop early. I don’t trust the drivers are sticking to the printed schedule. I was surprised to see so many people waiting. All but 5 were able to board. Those that did get on had confirmed seating. As I expected, I had the same driver I had two years ago. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the information shared about the park and experiences this time. Previously, my thoughts were hush already. I wasn’t on the bus long and it occurred to me, I don’t recall seeing my wallet. I thought fir sure I put it in my back pocket but it wasn’t there, then it occurred to me playing back the morning, I didn’t recall even seeing it. I am so happy I was able to block it out and just enjoy the now. Now was being on a bus and seeing things. It was a very enjoyable trip. I did not see much wild life at all today. What I did see, was golden eagles, caribou and one grizzly bear. Compared to other scarce bear viewing days, this bear sighting was actually pretty close. I feel it was a quality sighting. I also saw dall sheep. It was another day of not seeing the mountain, Denali. At the last bus stop before camp, a couple was going to walk the rest of the distance. I asked if they would mind if I could walk with them, they said sure, so, I did. It was a good walk back to camp and we parted ways. I heard that there was a bear seen close to camp at the bridge this morning. Didn’t even think about but I was looking about being alert. I was walking the trail through bushes from loop 1 to loop 2 where I am staying at the far corner away from most.LOL Well tonight after dinner and I was cleaning up, I saw a wildlife ranger drive by. Hmm, I wonder if the bear seen this morning paid a visit. The next time, which wasn’t long, I heard bear. I was able to get the rangers attention and asked if a bear has been seen, she said yes and to be alert. I said thank you and the ranger went on. Another government vehicle drove by a short time later. But there hasn’t been any more patrols. I am hoping the bear moved on and all will be safe tonight. I have camp clean and trash in the bear proof dumpster. Anything with orders sealed. There is a couple tent camping next to me and I hope they will be safe. Once I returned to the camper my attention turned to finding my wallet. The pack I used today was dumped out. I checked the pair of jeans I wore yesterday. No wallet. I then dump the other pack and still nothing. I was trying to think and replaying this morning when it occurred to me I tossed it up in the cupboard, thinking I don’t need this. Well that is it for today. It is 10:45PM and I want to get to sleep. I am thinking of trying to make two bus trips tomorrow. One early morning, and one late afternoon. We will see how motivated I will be. Take care…Peace