Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Leaving Teklanika

Monday, July 29, 2019 1:02 AM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am doing fine. Today has been a somber day. I loved having time at the Teklanika River Campground. I woke up to it raining. My first thoughts were oh great, water on the top of the slide out. It went pretty much like I thought I would have to do leaving before it stopped long enough for me to dry the top this time I was trying my best to keep the top dry. And did half and half, There ended up being drops rather than puddles when I wasn’t thinking about water collecting until I Brough the slide in and heard running water. I am so glad I packed what I did the day before when it was dry. I hitched the trailer to the truck in the rain. I had no idea of the expanse of the rain. But I would soon find out. I checked things and double checked, Made sure doing things in the rain, I missed something. I think I was just stalling. It was hard to have to leave this campground. But I did and I had muddy road all the way to the pavement. I was at mile marker 29, the pavement started at mile 14. 15 miles of driving in the mud. What was bad was watching the rear truck tires splashing mud up, on the front of my camper. I was thinking great, “NO Washing RVs in RV parks.” I made it to the Savage River check point where I had to turn in my pass that allowed me to drive to and only to the Teklanika River Campground. I saw two people I knew from previous visits to Denali and had to say hi. It was so neat. I drove the rest of the way to the Riley Creek Mercantile to dump tanks and see about getting more time back in the park. On the way, I saw a moose cow with a calf. That was the only animals I saw today. While dumping the tanks, I saw the guy next to me doing the same renting off his RV. I immediately proceeded to do the same thing. I was happy to wash off the mud from not only the front of my camper but propane tank and battery as well as stabilizers. I found parking and didn’t get far, there was a sign on the front door, no RV camping site available. I walked in the door and saw a line of 20 people deep. I thought, never mind, I’ll believe the sign. I then proceed back to where I was at the Rainbow Village RV Park and got settled very slowly. So slow any thoughts of taking a bus into the park was gone. Once settled and the camper connected to hookups, I proceed to look for internet to upload the blog entries I wrote everyday while camping. My usual place of good internet was lousy. I was able to pull up websites to two businesses in Homer, AK and made reservations. I wonder if I need to say, “Reservations for what?” I ended up coming back to the camper and buying internet. I was able to get days out at Teklanika uploaded. The rest of the evening was spent celebrating a successful stay at Teklanika. It feels pretty damn good to know for the very most part, can be self reliant to be able to spend five days disconnected. The generator did great. I was so proud of it. It started right up, every day. That is all for now. Take care. Peace….