Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Day 6

Sunday, July 21, 2019 8:01 PM

Hi, I hope you and those close are well and life is good. I am doing fine. I slept late this morning. I guess it was from the beers I had last night. I cleaned up and got ready for the day. I wanted to get my propane tank filled today. Having a gauge to tell me how much propane I had, has be a big help. Today was the first time I have filled up my little 20 pound tank since June 18. I could have waited but tomorrow is going to be spent getting checked in for the Teklanika RV & Campground and get my bus pass while out at the campground. I also want to take a ride on a bus into the park tomorrow. I came back to camp and proceeded to gather clothes to wash. I had laundry started and was going to be a few so I went back to the camper and had  fruit for breakfast. After laundry was done, I did dishes and cleaned up inside the camper. After that I had lunch and then tried to sit down to write journal entries, I was still 3 days behind. But as I sat there trying to think, I was getting sleepy. I laid down to nap for awhile. It wasn’t long but I did feel more refreshed. Again, I tried to write and it wasn’t happening. I packed laptop and came to this small cafe that I have had good luck writing in the past. They still had complimentary WiFi which made me happy I could finally check my email and check balances. I am still sitting at this cafe, The Black Bear, and I have almost completed getting caught up on journal entries and will have time to be able to go back and add pictures to the journal entries I have already published, I might try to get a video of being in Denali published, we shall see. At some point I will go back to the camper and I will cook tonight. I am thinking pasta but halibut sounds good as well. Well that is all for now, take care and may nothing but the best find its way to you…. Peace.