Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Day 5

Saturday, July 20, 2019 7:39 PM

Hi, I hope you And those close to you are well and life is good. I am fine and life is good. Today started by waking up to hearing rain hitting the camper. My first thought were the same as the morning I left Seward, How to dry the top of the slide out and bring the slide out in. By the time I was actually ready to get out there and start breaking camp there was a light mist. I dried the top the best I could and brought it in as fast as it would go.LOL It is kinda like waiting, watching, and wanting the water to boil already.LOL I forgot to dry it the top. To be honest I only thought of drying the top of the slide out as I sit here writing.LOL I had everything done and ready to go in good time. I actually sat at my table in the camper to eat breakfast instead of eating on the road. I would only have to travel a few short miles today. I had one hour to kill between checking out of the one RV park and able to checkin at a different RV park. I thought I’d use the time at a pull out and wash as many of the bugs off the front of my camper as I could. Not to bad, It was a cool day and light mist at times. I had the top cleaned, the parts I could reach, in a few minutes. I still had 30 minutes to wait. I called the RV park and checked if it would be possible to check in now. She said yes so I drove the rest of the way and checked in. By the time I had camp setup, things straightened up and then cleaned up myself it was way to lat to consider a ride into the park. I went across the street to the Princess Denali to have a seafood salad. From previous visits and having stayed at the Princess Denali, I had had before and really enjoyed it. Well, I forgot about the power outage the area was experience. At the RV park I was staying at. I was in the truck sitting waiting for 11 o’clock. I saw the open sign light go out, I then watched as the fan stopped. I figured a power outage. It was confirmed when people were coming out of their RVs with bewildered expressions. Any, at the place I wanted to eat they didn’t serve the seafood salad anymore. The place had basically turned into a burger joint that one would order at the counter. My hamburger turned out to be great and was a double burger. I was able to get internet access to try to take care of business at home. I then had to leave because they were closing, I had hoped to have had more time to spend updating this journal. I went back to the camper to try to write but wasn’t able to get the words to write to come to mind. I decided to go down and see if I could get a bar stool at Prospectors Pizzeria. It being a Saturday evening I didn’t expect to find one, but, I was. I was able to get one day done in short order. The next day journal entry, I was writing to negatively. I was getting distracted with talking to others at the bar and the gal behind the bar. I decided to eat and didn’t want pizza, I tried the denali cheese steak that was a thin hamburger, green pepper and tons of cheese. It was served on a soggy bun because this was so greasy. I only ate half of it. I started to go through pictures and video as something to do hoping the feeling to write would return. I was only able to get one day’s entry completed. I had my fair share of beer, I was thinking it was time to get back to the camper and when I reached for my wallet it wasn’t there. I excused myself and walked back to the camper to get it. I paid my bill and went back to the camper, I tried to write but I was to tired and I had no internet access, so I went to bed.