Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Day 4

Friday, July 19, 2019 11:25 PM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am fine. Today ended up being another ride into the park. I wasn’t sure I would being tired today. I’m glad I decided to ride around on a bus than sit in the camper all day. When I arrived to buy a ticket again, I was going to be the only one riding this bus. It turned out there were two others but were only going as far as an overlook. The bus driver I knew from two years ago and will stop so pictures can be taken. We didn’t go far and we saw a cow moose. She pretty much kept her back to us. We picked up two people that were out camping. They were moving from one camp ground to do some back country camping. So they weren’t going to be on the bus that long. The next animals we saw were dall sheep. We then saw a grizzly walking towards our direction, It didn’t get all the way to the road but close enough to get some pictures and video, I thought was good considering most times when animals are seen, they are a fair distance. We then saw a caribou with very impressive antlers. On the way back out of the park another bear was seen. And, again, close enough to the road to get some quality pictures and video. Back on the pavement of the park road in a river bed we were able to see a coyote. That is twice this visit to Denali I have seen coyotes. I hadn’t seen any on prior visits. The last animal we would see is an owl. It was end of the day and lighting wasn’t the best to get detailed pictures. All it all it was an awesome day being in the park. It would be a day or so before I would go in again. Tomorrow I move from one RV park to another. I do not want to rush things so I am going to not ride into the park tomorrow. I’m going to get moved and relax the rest of the day.