Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Day 2

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 8:34 PM

Hi all, I hope you and those close are well and life is good. I am fine. This morning I went shopping to buy makings for sandwiches for 8 hours bus rides into the park. I did go for another ride into the park this afternoon.  I was going to be the only rider.  Which was bad for me because I bus driver thought since it was just me, I would be interested in her life story. I did nothing to give her the impression I was interested. I guess it had to do with when we stopped at the park check point and the volunteers and I knew each other. I guess the bus driver and the volunteers are great friends as well and I guess that made her at ease that we were best of friends. I’d find out later from another that usually when she talks, it was a one sided conversation. I almost made it to the turn around at Eielson but when I saw a green bus coming from the other direction, I bailed. I just couldn’t take to much more of her talking and appearing she knew it all. The other thing that was bothersome was the fact we we did see animals she wanted absolute quiet. I was scolded a few times because the window made noise when I lowered it. What? I am going to take pictures through a window? I think not. I am glad I did jump on the other bus because it was a driver I had never ridden with before. Too, I was able to see one of the dispatchers that I knew, It was fun to catch up on each others life. I have to laugh because this bus driver and I talked the entire way. I learned so much from this driver who lives in the area year round. We had lots to talk about. We did stop and watch a bear for a few minutes, which was so cool. A guy on a bicycle clued us in, there was a bear up the hill. We might have been so busy talking we would have missed it. We were both good when it came to the last rest stop that we skipped it. I made it back to the park entrance 70 minutes early by jumping buses. It is so great to have the experience to truly take advantage of seeing as much of the park as I can in one day. If there is a bad vibe on one bus. Get off that bus and get on another bus. I have no problem doing that. The day was so so as far as seeing animals. The animals I did see were Dall Sheep, a coyote, some nice looking bull Caribou and a couple of bears. On the way back to camp I had to finally stop at the pizza place in the service area called Prospectors Pizzeria. I love the Pizza here and I actually get it with little cheese as oppose to being at home and getting double the cheese. I then felt I should leave as I still had a four miles to drive to get back to the camper. It was another good day all because I jumped busses. I really enjoyed the day, it was so much fun.