Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Denali Day 13

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 12:04 AM

Hi, I hope you and those close to you are well and life is good. I am doing fine. Today has been a getting use to more people. I was slow to get going this morning. Didn’t feel quite right, like a cold but I was feeling fine. I got ready to go out. I wanted to buy bus tickets for today and tomorrow. Just for fun the gal behind the counter informed me I have 32 itineraries in the system. I guess I haven’t been here as much as I thought. Anyway, with tickets purchased, it was on to my second stop. Drive to Healy and the grocery store, to get Apples and bananas. I also finally thought to buy hot chocolate. I also bought some tang instant mix. I then came back to the trailer and tried to write but still wasn’t feeling right. I laid down for a bit, I was woken nearly one hour later by activity in the RV park. It was time to get up anyway and get ready for the bus into the park. I left later than I wanted because I wanted to wash there containers I use to pack sandwich and chips. I made lunch and was on my way.  There was only two other to start but we picked up more was we made our way into the park. It was going to be a wet day because of all the rain there has been. It is a mixed blessing. The rain reduces fire danger, but does make for chilly nights. It would end up being a good day, a fun day. Right from the get go, the pressure was on. It was on when the driver I know and he knows me, said I am good at spotting the animals. The guy that sat closest to me, we where able to chat and I tried to be informative. Speaking of information, at Eielson this evening, I tried to get some inside information about the scheduled work to take place next year. It appears all might be fine. Side note as I sit here writing about today, I had to pause due to the loud horn of a train going by, that triggered someone’s car alarm to go off. I have one question, can I be back at Teklanika campground? I only had the noise of a passing river to hear. Anyway, we first saw a bull caribou. We then saw a grizzly bear that ended up being a quality sighting. There were a lot of quality sightings of animals. We even saw a marmot. It was a fun day. We ended up seeing 12 dall sheep, 4 grizzly bears and 4 moose. We naturally saw caribou as well. I am looking for another great day tomorrow. Well that is all for now. Take care. Peace…