Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Day 3 Brooks Falls

Sunday, July 7, 2019 11:15 PM

I woke up today not looking forward to it. It was going to be another hot day for my final day at Brooks Falls. As soon as we got to the office we were told there is a weather delay due to fog. Not exactly how I wanted to start my last day at Brooks. While waiting I was able to see a sow with three yearlings and I was able to get a couple of pictures. The weather lasted until 10:30AM, two and a half hours late. When we landed I saw the day trip plans already there. Bummer, I knew there would be a wait to get out to the Falls. I checked in at the lodge and my return plane from Brooks was at 2:00pm. I wasn’t going to have very much time at all to see and be with bears. I hurried to fill my water bottles and get out to the falls. I ran into another that wanted to talk to me about bears. Then we ran into a couple that joined us. My brisk pace was turned into a casual walk. When we got to the treehouse there was a waiting list. I put my name on and proceeded out to the Riffles to get all the video and pictures I could with the very little time I would have. When my name was called it was already 12:33PM. Katmai Air likes to have people back to the lodge 1 hour before the plane leaves. That would mean I would have very little time, 10 minutes if I went by the rules. I made my way out to the falls platform and found a place on the lower deck. I took all the pictures and video, I could. I left the falls at 12:49PM to walk back to the lodge. I was so sad and disappointed not to have had my full time today. I was back at the office and checked in. I was asked how am I doing and I was honest. I told them I was terrible. My time here at Brooks and being with the beers was over and I wasn’t ready for it to be over. They kinda laughed and I actually was able to see a smile from the one gal. That was neat. I went over to where they served beer and got me one. I barely sat down and was told my plane was ready and to proceed to the beach. It was only 1:30PM. Talk about be rushed off, I sure was feeling that. Not only was my time cut into coming out today, But my time being there was cut into departing 30 minutes early. Bumming going into overdrive. The bummer was yet to come. Once back at the office in King Salmon I was immediately rushed onto the bus to take me to the airport. Okay, I thought, get my one bag checked and walk down a block to a restaurant to drown my sorrows with more beer. Well that didn’t exactly happen. I went to the machine to print boarding pass and bag tag. Well, in going through the process, my reservation couldn’t be found. I was told to go see an agent. I did and he couldn’t find my reservation either. He then asked for my itinerary number. I gave him the number and he immediately saw the problem. My flight back to Anchorage was for last Thursday, the same day I flew in. The only thing he could do for me was to give me the number to the airline reservations and call. I ended up having to buy a last minute ticket that was scheduled to lave at 4:05PM Almost 2 hours early than I had scheduled to leave. It costed me an additional $349 almost what it costed to buy round trip back in May. After the ticket was purchased the reservation agent saw what happened and took mercy on me, She submitted a request for my no show ticket. She informed me that once a ticket goes into no show status getting any reimbursement would be rare. I thanked her for giving it a chance. I shall see. At this point I was feeling relived and disappointed. Relieved that the events of the day happened the way it did to have time to rebook. Otherwise I could have been hanging out over night outside the airport. They say everything happens for a reason. Well… I made it back to Anchorage and was able to get a taxi to my camper. Once back at the camper I proceeded to unpack and put things away getting ready for the next adventures in Homer. I am really hoping I will be able to get a single seat on one of the day trips out of Homer.  I had a good dinner I cooked and went to bed. I wanted to be rested for the drive to Homer driving through the burn area of the Swan Lake fire where delays could be encountered.