Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Day 1 Brooks Falls

Friday, July 5, 2019 10:51 PM

Hi all I hope you are well and life is good. I am doing great. My expectations of the day was exceeded far and away. I was so happy I was going to get an extra hour at Brooks. An extra hour at Brooks before the day trips get there is great. Even before we landed bears could be seen as we landed, a sow with cubs. I attended bear school and passed. I was on my way to the lodge to fill up two water bottles, I brought. I knew it was going to be hot. I then went over and confirmed my departure time. As I hoped and wanted, it was the last plane back to King Salmon. It was time to get to the falls. I wanted to have as much interrupted time as I could. I didn’t get very far up the road as I spotted a bear walking down the road towards us in a normal walk. We backed up and walked up another road. Right infant of us it walked in to the woods and disappeared. Pretty kewl for only being at Brooks for just about one hour. I can tell you now, that the smile I have now reflecting isn’t even close to the one I had walking the rest of the way to the falls. I ended up having a few hours before I was called off. I immediately put my name back on and proceed to find a bench n the shade to sit and hydrate. It was again my turn back at the falls. I was able to be there for another hour. I was pleased with the time I was able to get. I decided since the wait was long, I’d go back to the lodge and have some food and rest. After eating I was going to try and look to see who was flying for a company I am familiar with. I didn’t get far and a sow with 2 cubs was walking towards me, I moved up to the bear school building and waited for them to pass with another group. It was funny one fellow actually thought her could walk rightist me, I brushed him to the side saying excuse me. He didn’t take it to well, oh well. With nothing else to do I ended up walking the new bridge to see if there were bears in the lower river. There were none. It was way to hot to just stay at on the new bridge side outs. As hot as I was, I made my way back to the falls. I am so glad I did. The lighting at this time of day was just spectacular. I had the previous 3 visits to Brooks had cloudy and rainy weather. As I captured video, thoughts of getting stuff on video, one would see on a tour video. I was in awe with my luck, to be able to have perfect conditions to take pictures and video. The area needs relief so bad. It is hot very hot and dry. I was able to wait only a few minutes and I was allowed back on the falls platform. I was there for a bit but decide  I was getting to hot. I retuned back to the lodge and waited for the plane that would take me back to King Salmon where I am staying. It was a great day but I was so tired all I did was have dinner and then go to sleep. I copied all the pictures and video to my laptop while I ate. That was it, I returned to my room and went to bed…