Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Chill Day

Sunday, July 14, 2019 10:58 PM

Hello, I hope you and those close to you are well and life if good. I am doing fine. I didn’t start the day very well. I was disappointed not to have been able to to go out on the water again today. It was also rainy and kept me in. Well, kept me in till I got tired of sitting around. I decided to go to Exit glacier and walk around in the rain. It wasn’t meant to be as there were no parking due to every space being full. Even the over flow parking was packed. So much for that, I decided to go into town and have lunch. Yep, halibut fish and chips. Too, there were a lot of feelings of how tired I am being alone and doing things alone. I had one beer and lunch and went back to the camper. As it turned out it was good. I eventually settle down on making and publishing a video. While that was rendering, I touched up some pictures of dust specks. The pictures make it appear the bear is playing the rock.LOL The slide show can be seen The video can bee seen I could sit up all night editing pictures and reviewing video, but, I have a 7 hour drive tomorrow from Seward to Denali NP. I have to drive through Anchorage and Wasilla in the morning. I don’t look forward to driving through either place. I don’t trust the drivers are cautious enough and Wasilla always has construction. It is still raining as I write this and it is suppose to be raining in the morning when I am trying to break camp and get on the road. It is always tricky being alone and being able to dry off the slide out and bring it in without getting things inside wet. Alright this is all for now. Take care...