Mountains Hide Away

The Road - Day 5

Sunday, June 23, 2019 10:35 PM

Hello all, I hope you are well and life is good. I am fine thankfully. LOL

Well, it was another night with not much sleep. I think I was a able to get a total of 4 hours. I gave up trying and just started the day. I did the normal morning stuff, clean, eat and all. I was on the road by 7:00AM. I wanted to get out in front of a 25 rig caravan. I was successful. It has been another cool, rainy and muddy day. I am so glad because it almost end, and I mean almost ended everything. I need to relieve myself and I thought where I pulled over would be a good place. When I left the pull out it was banked more than I thought, in my review mirror I watched as my camper tilted. I thought for sure it was going on it's side. It didn’t and talk about,  “WHEW!” That is what I was doing, that was a close call. After thinking about it, when it came back down on the other wheel it had to come down hard. I pulled over again to check things out. I though for sure I would see some damage, like not having drain pipes, but thus far, none that is noticeable. None of the dishes and pans came out of the cupboards. Came up on road construction and there was one direction traffic at a time. It was a good time to stretch the legs. I had fun and enjoyed talking to a couple from British Columbia, Canada. This was there first time out RVing. And they started to say not a problem and told them to shush don’t jinx it, it will happen. They got it and we all had a good laugh. Okay on to the highlights of the day. As I had expected, I saw animals. The final count for the day is, one elk, one gorgeous looking Red Fox, four Big Horn Sheep, and drum roll please.LOL Are you ready. In all 9 black bears were seen, three bears I was able to capture video. And one grizzly was seen. Not to bad, eh?:) All day long I kept thinking of places to stop. I just wasn’t into driving today being very tired from lack of sleep. Everyplace I was going to stop there entrance looked so muddy from all the rain they are getting, I passed. The next place I was interested in staying at, I didn’t see. So I am thinking it is farther up the road. Speaking of roads, they are a mess and pot hole riddled. The road was the worse I have seen from Fort Nelson to Toad River. Another stretch is from Watson Lake to almost Teslin. I recognized they guy that sat down at a table in front of me and we started talking about our adventures of the  day. He had rocks hit two windows on his camper and broke them both. I saw him pulled over and I figured where he was standing he was reliving himself. He told me at dinner what he was really dong, Taping up the windows. I had a good tasting club sandwich with good old fashion, unseasoned French fries. To bad it only took 1 hours to prepare.LOL When I returned to my camper, my thoughts turned to having a shower. It is amazing how hot water and soap can make one feel so much better. I’m now concentrated on getting this written and uploaded. I have good enough cell phone bars to be able to upload. 

I am settled in for the night and I am feeling good, tired but good.

I have been settled in for the night and I am feeling good, tired but good. Sorry the pictures from TODAY are not better. I’m just to tired to try and enhance. I hope you enjoy all the same. Take Care