Mountains Hide Away

The Road - Day 4

Saturday, June 22, 2019 9:06 PM

Hello, I hope you and yours are well and life is good, I am good and feeling good.

WOW OH WOW where to begin describing today. It was a great day and feelings I haven’t felt in a long time returned today. It was like seeing a friend that hadn’t been seen in a very long time. I didn’t think I would.

Since I have already mentioned my lack of getting good restful sleep, I’ll begin there. I was able to sleep continuous for 4 hours. I had to get up and was able to get two more hours of good deep sleep. I felt more rested since Wednesday morning when I left.

 I thought I would try something different this morning and try and leave before 8:00AM. I got up at 6am, when everything was all said and done getting breakfast and all. I was leaving again at 8:00AM. When I drained the tanks this morning, no leaks, Great!!! AND, as I was putting the dump hose away, just for grins I thought I would try putting the hose in the tube provided on the camper. I hadn’t considered it before because watching YouTube videos, it wouldn’t fit my type of hose. But it did. I was so happy and excited not having to put the hose in a garbage bag that rips and tears back into the storage bend to contaminate everything. Anyway, I was leaving in a dense fog this morning. I didn’t have to drive long before driving into sunshine and blue skies. But as I was approaching tonight’s destination, yep, more rain. The sunshine I did get today was great. It was a fun day. The truck performed great. At one time, I was getting close to 23 miles per gallon. Of course there were not as many long uphill climbs today and unlike yesterday, I had no head wind, I had a tail wind. I thought something was wrong with the truck at first, I was cruising at 67MPH and the RPMs were only 1500.LOL I happened to look at the trees and the way there were leaning, explained why the truck was hardly having to work. Too, I had a fraction of the traffic to contend with. There were so many times today I was actually enjoying driving again, nah, I enjoyed the whole day driving. Each town I drove through getting to Dawson Creek was surprising. Places there were only a gas station and a store, 10 years ago, are now full blown towns and growing. It made me think of mom and our first trip driving to Alaska. I was really missing her today and wished she was with me. Oh before I forget. By the time I reached Dawson Creek and the Welcome to the Alaska Highway Sign, It was crowded and RVs were lined up to be able get pictures under the sign. I said, nope, I want to get on down the road. Which is too bad, I wanted to stop and go into the gift shop and get a bumper sticker for my camper, besides getting pictures. I made better time today than I did two years ago as I didn’t stop in Dawson Creek or Fort Saint John looking for a socket that would fit the lugs on the trailer. The highlight of the day had to be seeing my first black bear of the year. It was gorgeous, it had a nice coat and looked like it was finding plenty to eat. It turned and gave me a profile view with nose high in the air smelling something. No pictures due to spotting it late to be able to get stopped. I was hoping I would see bears today, but realistically wasn’t expecting to see bears until tomorrow, along with sheep, and bison. The rest of the drive was very relaxed. I did stop at Boston Pizza to have pasta. The place has good pasta. While there, I called an RV park I wanted to stay at tonight to see if they had space. It was a back in site and I did terrible. But I am parked and I have nothing but good feelings and I am excited about something, YES!! Well that is all for now. Take care.