Mountains Hide Away

The Road - Day 3

Friday, June 21, 2019 9:39 PM

Hi all, I hope you and those closest to your heart are well and life is good. I am fine, exhausted but fine. It was the longest driving day yet. It was another night of not very good sleep. Around 1:30AM the wind blew hard I was woke up with the camper shaking in the wind. Traffic coming from I15 made it difficult to get back to sleep. I think I was able to get 2 hours at a time twice. I was tired this morning but I didn’t let it deter me from filling up with fuel and topping off diesel exhaust fluid. I wanted to do it while I knew there was a place. I just don’t know if they sell DEF at pumps in Canada like in the USA. I do have spare incase. I had a chance and didn’t even think about it. I did stop to top off the tank before entering Calgary and didn’t think to check. I have to stop and remind myself I am not the USA and to be nice again. I apologized for being short with the cashier. Oh wow. Do I have a short memory or what. There was the two nice guys on Wednesday that took time from their day to help me when I ran out of gas. LOL I drove the 35 miles to Sweetgrass and was asked a few questions and was allowed to enter Canada this morning. I had a great drive to just south of Calgary, I drove into what I was expecting, rain, heavy rain and had through Calgary and to almost Red Deer. I was able to make it to Edmonton in good time and I followed my memory and knew the merge from 2 to 216 would be a left so I was in the left lane. I made through Edmonton in 25 minutes. I am now what I like to call, away from the masses of humanity. An example, the state of Colorado square miles is more than the total population of the Yukon territory. I was worried I might get stuck in Friday afternoon traffic, but didn’t. I made it to my stopping point for the day around 5:30PM. I was on the road by 8:00am this morning. So it was a long day of driving. There were two mishaps, one when I was draining the tanks this morning, I discovered, I had a leak at the valve. I tightened the loose bolts, tonight, and that seemed to do the trick. I’ll know more in the morning when there is more to be dumped. The other mishap, which was a major disappointment because all I wanted to do was eat, write this entry and go to bed way early, it is now 930pm. I happened to glance towards the head of the bed and it looked wet. It was wet. I have no idea where or how it got wet. Everything else, was dry below in the storage bin. I spent the time drying the bedding. It had to be during the heavy rains going through Calgary. I am so hoping to get to Dawson Creek early tomorrow so I can get updated pictures of my rig in front of the, “Alaska Highway Sign.” Tomorrow if I am still tired and want to stop, there are more places I can stop and rest up and not be worried if someone will come to the door, telling me I can’t stay here. There were brief moments I started to get excited about tomorrow and the day after. More wildlife sightings. I idid see a deer today and it kinda looked injured. If I do make to Fort Nelson, might stop sooner, there will be more of a chance to see bear. I do hope so. Well I am going to stop, I am tired and want to try while the dozing off is good. Take care.