Mountains Hide Away

The Road - Day 2

Thursday, June 20, 2019 8:35 PM

Hi all, I hope you are well and all is good. I am good thanks.

Today I left where I stayed last night in Sheridan, WY. It was a frustrating night. Big Horn KOA is next to an interstate and every 25 minutes a train would pass by. I might have slept a total of 2 hours continuous sleep. I would not recommend staying there due to all the noise. I took my time this morning getting ready and having breakfast. I wanted to call the dealership I bought the truck and ask them about the what happened with the gauges after I ran out of fuel. The tech I talked to said it just took time for everything to get back into sync. I drove all day wither normal lights. One could think, I learned my lesson from yesterday and apply it today. I wanted to. The wide open spaces with service few and far between put me in another situation of running out of gas. I thought there was another town, Ranchette, but I must have missed the sign. I had to travel almost to Harding. I was almost on empty again. :( Well that would be the last time dealing with that nonsense. When I would come to a junction, I would fill up. The rest of the day was good. I was very happy with the way the truck performed with all the steep hills that was climbed today. Once I get in Canada tomorrow morning, the roads are level until I get NW of Edmonton. Then there will be rolling hills. Speeds are slower, too. Speaking of which, my other trucks had the numbers for KM under the miles. My new truck, doesn’t I am trying to remember what the speeds limit of 100kph translates to in miles per hour. I will google. And, I need to remember in the morning to see if there might be a setting on the truck. I wouldn’t be surprise if there was, the truck just about has everything else.LOL I kept my word and when I entered Great Falls this afternoon, there is a Walmart before one gets into the main part of town. I bought me a pillow and an oven met. I wanted to get one that had fingers. I saw on Youtube, a family used an oven glove to store the silverware. I think it will work better than putting it in a plastic zip bag. I also filled up still having 3/4 of a tank to get me the rest of the 89 miles, I still had to go today. I reached my destination and stayed at my first choice to stay at tonight. I was right about not needing to make a reservation. Besides me, There are 4 other campers that holds 63 spaces. I restocked water and the like, in the fridge. I did a much better job preparing dinner, I didn’t spill it all over everything like I did last night.LOL Did clean up and then turned my attention to cutting to size silver insulation for the windows. Starting tomorrow, The farther north I get the longer day light. The window fittings look and fit great. OH yeah, there are parts of the Montana mountains getting snow. Places above 6 thousand feet can get any where from 6 to 12 inches of snow. Almost the end of June and there is snow falling. Crazy stuff, I tell you. OH and as far as wildlife, Yesterday, I saw at least 3 dozen Antelope.  Today, all I saw was a deer. I should start to seem more wild life starting tomorrow. Not looking forward to driving in Calgary and Edmonton tomorrow. But I am looking forward to leaving the mass of humanity and my review mirrors.LOL