Mountains Hide Away

Pre Departure day 2

Monday, June 17, 2019 4:39 PM

This sure has been a frustrating day. I wanted to go to the store get another storage device to store video and pictures. Get some new cables and maybe get a super charged laptop for video editing. Too, to see if I could get some help with phone settings, I was told there is no setting, it just does it. Dinking around this afternoon I found the setting, under, "Touch ID & Passcode." Near the bottom is a setting for USB Accessories. It was green and I changed it to off. Problem solved and I didn't make anyone feel like a dumb idiot. I did buy the storage and cables at a different store. The rude rep changed my mind about spending that kind of money for a new laptop. Next was to get a, "Hold Mail" set, almost forgot to do it and the last time the postmaster wasn't very happy with me, I know because she told me.LOL Well I happened to show up on a day the postmaster was I did the 30 day and will let the chips fall where they may. Next, to get a travel notification on credit card. LOL, Well travel notifications are only good for 21 days with this provider and even then there are times, even tho there is a travel note, trans get flagged as suspicious, and one has to call. Things might have changed in Northern BC and the YK, but I wouldn't bet on it. There are two full days I am completely without cell service. I haven't taken the time to notice, "Are there still pay phones?" They have to be few and far between. So much for trying to reduce the number of inconveniences. I have to tell ya, at this point, be a lot easier just to set my rocker on my front stoop and rock the summer away with good beer.