Mountains Hide Away

Departure Day

Wednesday, June 19, 2019 8:59 PM

Hi, I hope you are well and life is good. 

Today was departure day. I did take the time to make sure the tanks were empty. I then went to gas station and verified correct tire pressure. I was happy that I didn’t do any short cuts. It was a good bad day. I ran out of gas 1 mile from Casper, Wyoming. A truck driver gave me a ride. He saw me walking and stopped, backed up, and asked if I would like a ride. I said, “Boy would I.” I had a 5 gallon gas can. Carrying it to the gas station would have been no problem. Walking back with 5 gallons fuel, would be another story and I was not looking forward to it. A guy in a white truck saw me starting to walk back and yelled at me to throw the gas can in the back of the truck and hop in the other side. Perhaps silly, but it seemed like it was up and up. He gave me a ride because he did the same thing I did, and thought he could make it to Casper from Douglas, like I did. He told me he put the truck in neutral going down hills.LOL Once back at the truck and camper, he even offered to help me hold the funnel. Very kewl. I was able to get the truck restarted. This being my first time to run out of gas, I was worried I would have to prime. Thank goodness I didn’t. It took some cranking but the truck started and I was able to get to the gas station and fill up. Before I ran out of gas, the truck was running great pulling the camper. Afterwards, the truck said the trailer was connected but the tow/haul light wouldn’t come on. Another light that I never seen before was on. I couldn’t wait to get to the day’s destination so I could research it. I had to do a rest stop and when I was leaving the tow/haul light came on and the other light was off. I made it the rest of the way to my stopping point around 4:00pm MDT. I am safely parked and I have had dinner and did dishes. I needed to get the bedding from the truck to make my bed to sleep tonight. Though, there is a downside. Like I did when I went to the SE last year, I did the same thing again today. For the second time out of 3, I didn’t remember to bring a pillow. The other downer of the day, somewhere along the way, I lost my spare tire cover. So, for not wanting to make any stops at stores, I’ll be stopping tomorrow, when I see a Walmart, to buy a pillow. I am going to put my pillow case over a cushion back and use it for a pillow for tonight.LOL Take care.