Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - To Valdez UPDATED: Video of the drive today.

Friday, June 28, 2019 9:05 PM

Hello all, I hope you and yours are well and life is good.I am doing great I had a funtastic day driving from Tok, AK to Valdez, AK. When I left I wasn’t sure I made the right choice to drive the Tok cutoff. I was told by just about everyone I talked to, on the Alaska Highway, to avoid the Tok cutoff. But, I was told to be extremely careful from Beaver Creek, Yukon to Tok the roads were terrible. Well I will give em credit that the roads were bad, but as I have said I seen em a lot worse. So, I figured maybe they just wasn’t use to the roads. It didn’t take long to see wildlife. The first was a grizzly hidden in some trees. Again going to fast to stop to get video. I then spotted wee up the road a moose cow on the other side of the road and as I crept closer it moved into my lane and then ran off into the woods. I was able to capture some on video. I captured video today with a video in mind. I hope youtube is ready for my mug to be seen. LOL Well it was bumpy and was slow going at 30 miles an hour at time but again I have seen the Tok cutoff in worse shape. Then, we hit the road construction, I was expecting from the scouting I did. It was one way traffic. When it was our turn to go, I thought this isn’t so bad. But then we lost the pavement. For the second time on this trip my travel trailer went off road. I just wen slow and easy and took my time and made it through without incident. I thought I would be home free, but I was wrong. The road report was right, bad and rough roads all the way to gulonka or something like that. I then made it into Glennallen where I was going to fill up and grab a hamburger and chocolate shake. I was able to refuel easy enough. After that I parked and went into the Copper Valley Visitor Center, with joke in mind. When I entered the visitor center I was greeted and asked how they could help. I said, “I came in for my T-Shirt that said I survived the Tok cutoff.LOL  He were confused and when he looked at me for more info, I winked. He then got it. LOL  He said he is discouraging people from driving that route. The place I wanted to eat wasn’t open yet. I then went ahead and continued on to Valdez. Thoughts of Halibut fish and chips filled my thoughts. I knew what I was going to have for dinner. I came across more one way road construction and the flagger came to the truck and told me it could be 20 minutes. I thought perfect, the low diesel exhaust fluid warning light came on. I also had to go. I proceeded to fill the DEF and then went into camper to go. I then had enough time to talk to others that stepped out to stretch legs. As I made it to the summit of Thompson Pass, I happened to glance at the current temperature(see Pic). I made it to where I am camping for tonight and tomorrow night. I set up camp being so hungry I could barely function. I drove into Valdez, I am 4 miles outside of town. I went to the grocery store(Safeway) and then went next door to the auto car wash and had the truck washed. I then proceeded to try and find the place to get my ticket for tomorrows excursion on Prince William Sound. I can’t wait. After that I looked for a place  to eat halibut fish and chip and have ONE beer.LOL I found Mike’s Palace. They were okay but I still think Captain Patties Fish House in Homer is better. I was glad it wasn’t greasy. After eating I came back to camp and wiped down the truck with a wet white towel.<BEG> Well it was white, now it is brown.*shrug* I also took time to sweep out the truck bed. The travel trailer was cleaned and disinfected yesterday. I am now writing this entry pausing to look out on the view I have from the picnic table I am writing this from. It is my hopes to be able to add pictures. And then get this uploaded. I had the time and felt motivated to get this produced. Not the best, but I wanted to get it added today, which is really tomorrow in 10 minutes Alaska Time. I hope you enjoy