Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Cruising Prince William Sound UPDATED

Saturday, June 29, 2019 8:01 PM

Hi all, I hope you and those closest to your heart are well and life is good. I am fine.

Sorry this is late. It started early yesterday morning when a party rolled in at 2:30AM made enough noise to make the busiest construction site sound quiet and then proceed to make a fire and sit around chatting songs. Needless to say, I only had 2 hours sleep the night before. Not exactly the best circumstances to be going out on the water in a boat all tired. I was determined to do this and I hoped I didn’t get sick in the process. I had breakfast and made a protein drink. I also had a glass of OJ. I packed a dehydrated beef and stew just incase, I figured since they serve tea on board, they’d have 2 cups of hot water. I didn’t eat it. LOL I made my way to town and was able to park the truck at their office. I had it in my mind that the walk would be a fair distance but was no more than when at home, I’d walk one direction to drop off plastics and then walk the other way to the mail box. LOL Anyway, When I reached the dock was able to have  a conversation with two couples, one from Canada and the other from Oregon. Then once on board met and talked with a couple from the Bay Area in CA. We exchanged hopes for the day of wanting fabulous wildlife pictures. The boat cast off and we were on our way. I had thoughts and feelings of wishing mom was here to experience PWS with no rain. At this point there was no tired. There was excitement of what laid ahead and my first chance to see PWS with no clouds or rain. Immediately, I was on deck before we even left the boat harbor to take pictures. The Captain was so knowledgable, having 40 years experience piloting his own vessel. I kept hearing more horror stories of folks who had come up from the Kenai Peninsula with all the smoke from a forrest fire near Swan Lake. The first wildlife we saw was sea otters, they were bunched up all close together in what is called a raft. The next was a humpback whale then there was two and then three. One that we saw was flapping its pectoral fin on the water. The whale rolled on the back and began slapping both pectoral fins on the water. I was impressed with the captains ability to stay behind the whales so we could capture good fluke pictures.  We then saw Stellar Seal Loins, a bunch of them in and out of the water. I can’t wait for later today to produce a video. We then saw Puffins and the captain was able to maneuver the vessel in nice and close to allow us to get some great pictures. There is a difference in Puffins, a Horned Puffin and a Tufted Puffin, I still get the two mixed up. But these had a white face and white belly. As we made our way to the Columbia Glacier, we did spot mountain goats, I was kinda surprised how dirty they were. I am use the mountain goats on Mt. Evans with pretty snow white coats. Lol Might be the time of year and the shedding that made the difference. I did capture video. We saw more sea otters and then we started seeing large very large icebergs. Then they kept getting bigger. We reached our destination and we were one quarter of a mile away from the glacier. The crew got down to business taking pictures of guests who wanted pictures with the glacier in the background. I had mine and I will include a photo with this blog. I was able to see a lot of caving, unfortunately, I never had the camera pointed in the right direction. It was okay, it allowed me the chance to just watch for a change.LOL it was fun. The last animals we would see would be more sea otters laying out being sunned on a large iceberg. I think they got it right. Get too hot on one side just roll over, be cool in a jiffy. LOL By this time, it was late in the afternoon and being tired hit me like a ton of bricks. I found a place to sit and ride the remainder of the cruise sitting. We made it back to dock and disembarked the vessel. I walked back to the truck. I then drove over to a gas station to fill up the truck and get more Blue DEF. My timing couldn’t have been better, no waiting. I then made my way back to where I am camping. I was glad to see the loud ones packing to leave. I put things away from the day on the water, I had my stew and another glass of OJ and I was in bed before 10pm. I slept a total of seven hours and I feel great I only have a 3 hour hour drive today. Might be longer just depends on construction. It was another fantastic day in Alaska.