Mountains Hide Away

Alaska - Alaska Day 1

Thursday, June 27, 2019 8:14 PM

Hello All, I hope you and those closest to you are well and life is good. I am doing great, thanks.

Today was a day of doing chores. I had breakfast or tried to. I had so much on my mind that I would stop and do something wile I was thinking about it. I did eventually finish eating. I then made a grocery list and went grocery shopping. I also mailed a post card. I hope they get it. I then went back to where I am camped and put things away. I then tried to tighten the stabilizer bracket more just to be on the safe side. I then tried to figure out this mini air compressor. As I suspected it just isn’t powerful enough and the tire was being deflated instead of inflated. I ran into town and filled up all the tires with air. Almost being back to camp I thought I should fill up the tank and turned around to go back to town to fill up. I then proceeded to flush out my dark holding tank. I then released more water from the fresh water tank. I then filled up my drinking bottles and then did laundry. After all the chores were completed, I cleaned up. I then tried to lay down and take a nap but it wasn’t happening. I was hungry. I cooked dinner and just as I finished eating, I received a text from my cell carrier informing I have about exhausted my data on my plan. And, here I thought it was unlimited which it is, but now I am roaming and on another carries network. I am not happy about it, at least I had a sure way to upload blog entries. Now I am going to be at the mercy of RV parks wifi. Which isn’t always so good. I’ll continue to write daily and when I have a connection, upload at that time. Tomorrow, I’ll being moving south of here, to Valdez, AK for a boat excursion on Saturday around Prince William Sound. Well that’s all for today. I know not very exciting today. As far as wildlife, I saw a snowshoe hare…