Mountains Hide Away

A Baffling Day

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 7:43 PM

I have had the most baffling afternoon. I wanted to start placing the video from FB onto my website. All afternoon. I do everything right but no video plays, just a black box.LOL I tried on different computers, different browsers, shutdown and turn on. Nothing. Finally after several hours, I tried adding the video to a different page and worked. Whew, what a relief. The are no words to describe how just how dejected I was becoming. Less than ten days to leaving, and this.LOL ugh! Some how my main body of the page was moved to the footer section controlled by a master page. I moved the body back into the body section and wha la video displays and plays just like I was expecting late this morning. LOL
In all trying this and trying that, I have my local test site and live site on the web out of sync again. When it happens it takes hours to re sync cos of all the pictures and videos it uploads again, Ugh, I hate that thinking. The page changes, Not the pics or videos. lol

I can't wait for my time camping in Denali and I look forward to this view. : )